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Software as a Service and Cloud Applications

Software as a Sevice

The use of cloud services are becoming increasingly more common with SMBs in today’s marketplace.  Cloud applications are used to enhance productivity and collaboration among employees and departments. SaaS or Software as a Service is a category in the world of cloud applications. 

SaaS is a software model in which an application, hosted by a vendor, such as GreenRope, is made available through a network, usually the Internet. Using a cloud based service makes for easier administration, constant updates, consistency, better collaboration and global accessibility.

Competency, proficiency, consistency, and cost-effectiveness are all traits associated with cloud applications. According to an infographic shared on, 74% of companies in the world use some sort of cloud application or Saas. The most common SaaS applications are CRM, Email providers, Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Marketing Automation, Web Hosting, eCommerce, HR Software, and, of course, integrated platforms like GreenRope.

When choosing the right service for your business there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Pricing: Does the service charge monthly? Yearly? Per user? Per module?
  • Features and Functionality: What features do you get with your subscription? Will the software be easy to implement? How is the user interface?
  • Service Level Agreements: What is the applications availability? The SLA will determine the applications downtime per year as well as per week. SLAs range from 99% to 99.99999%.
  • Security: What security measures does the vendor take to secure your data in the cloud? This includes both the physical data center, as well as the software.

SaaS software is typically integrated quickly and easy to implement. The provider takes care of all maintenance ensuring smooth transitions and updates. SaaS  providers thoroughly test their product eliminating glitches and technical disruptions.

Typically, using a cloud-based platform is far more cost-effective than any alternative. Because SaaS providers usually charge on a monthly, yearly, per user, or per module model, predicting IT costs becomes more transparent and easier to assess.

GreenRope is a perfect example of a SaaS, and one that is highly reliable, secure, cost-effective, and built to provide all the features and functions that any sized business needs to manage both sales and marketing operations. GreenRope’s mission is to provide a user-friendly all-in-one solution to consolidate, simplify and automate your daily business operations. Along with being a secure provider of a highly advanced platform, GreenRope’s customer service is above and beyond, ensuring access to support whenever you need it.

If you would like more information about SaaS or would like to ask our Support team questions about our software, please email us or join any of our webinars.


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