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Using Zapier to set up GreenRope integrations and automated actions

Zapier allows you to easily connect GreenRope to the web apps you use most often, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. It allows you to create automated tasks between the same, or different apps. With Zapier, you can connect apps to GreenRope by creating automatic actions called Zaps.

About Zapier 

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as GreenRope, Gmail, Slack, and more. Using this platform can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. 

Creating a connector, or Zap as it’s called in Zapier, is easy! Before we go into the how-to, first make sure you have an active GreenRope and Zapier account.

Why Zapier?

Zapier does the work for you. Once you've created a Zap, Zapier will run it for you automatically without any additional effort on your part.

If you login to your Zapier account, you can monitor the activity of your Zaps from your Zapier dashboard. From the dashboard, you can also manage your connected accounts and turn Zaps on or off anytime you want.

Zapier will also help you save time and money! With Zapier taking care of repetitive tasks, you can focus on the exciting business challenges that need your attention.

Setting Up Your First Zap

  1. Login to Zapier. Or go into GreenRope’s Account > Settings > Zapier area to use one of the template connections available!
  2. Search for GreenRope and the platform you'd like to connect with via Zapier. Here’s a list of the 3,000+ apps you can connect with GreenRope.
  3. Use the Zaps that come up below or scroll down to view all available Zaps as well as triggers for the two apps you’ve chosen. 
  4. If you want to create an entirely new Zap, click the ‘Make a Zap’ button in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. First you’ll choose your Trigger app. Most of the time this will probably be GreenRope. Below is a list of the nine trigger actions that can start from GreenRope.



  1. Once you choose your trigger, you’ll be prompted to select the GreenRope account that you’d like the Zap to access. Select and test the account. Remember, you will need access and permissions in these accounts to be able to successfully set up the Zap.
  2. Select the group that you will want to Zap to be associated with. This is optional.
  3. Next, you’ll test some sample data to make sure the Zap will work. If the test is successful, it’s time to create the action based on your Trigger.
  4. Choose an Action app. This is where you want to connect your GreenRope (Trigger) platform. Here’s a list of the 3,000+ apps available to connect with GreenRope.
  5. Select the action. For example, here are the available action items that you can use when pushing data into GreenRope.



  1. Connect your connecting platform Account and test!
  2. On the next screen, you’ll select the campaigns (located in a connected platform) that you’d like to trigger with this Zap. Fill out all the required fields.
  3. Once you’ve filled out all the information with sample data, test the step! Once the step is tested successfully, you are ready to turn on your Zap!

A few things to remember:

  • If you are setting up a workflow to trigger this Zap, you will need to set this up in GreenRope. Click here to learn how to create a new workflow.
  • Create and save all of your campaigns before creating your Zap.
  • Test, test, and test again! You want to make sure that your Zap is working exactly how you’d like it to in order to avoid any embarrassing mishaps!

Types Event Triggers in GreenRope

This is what starts the Zap. When an activity or event happens in GreenRope, this can trigger your Zap to update your connected app. The types of GreenRope activities you can use to start this trigger include:

  • New Contact: Triggers when a new contact is created.
  • New CRM Activity: Triggers when a new CRM activity is created.
  • New Opportunity: Triggers when a new opportunity is created.
  • New Broadcast: Triggers when a new broadcast is created.
  • New Company: Triggers when a new company is created within a group.
  • New Event: Triggers when a new event is created.
  • New Invoice: Triggers when a new invoice is created.
  • New Invoice Payment: Triggers when an invoice is paid.
  • New Ticket: Triggers when a new ticket is created.

Types of Actions to Complete in GreenRope

An action is an event a Zap performs after it starts. The automated actions you want to update depend on the app you are connecting with. If you are using Zapier to update your GreenRope account, the following activities can happen:

  • Create or Update Contact: Creates a new contact, updates an existing contact if it exists.
  • Create CRM Activity: Creates a new CRM activity for a contact.
  • Create Event: Creates a new event.
  • Activate Workflow: Activates a workflow for a contact.
  • Create or Update Company: Creates a new company, updates an existing company if it exists.
  • Create Invoice: Creates a new invoice.
  • Create Opportunity: Creates a new opportunity for a contact.
  • Queue Mail: Queues a broadcast email.

GreenRope’s Built-In Zapier Connections

GreenRope offers a built-in solution for the most commonly used Zaps. To set up your initial Zapier triggers in GreenRope, go to Account > Settings > Zapier. Here is a list of commonly used zaps that you may find helpful.



Important Notes:

  • To use Zapier, you must provide the account owner login information for your GreenRope account. Shared access credentials cannot trigger zaps.
  • Zapier offers your first five zaps free when connecting with GreenRope. Some platforms, such as Quickbooks online, could require you to have a premium version of their software.

Other Built-In GreenRope Integrations

GreenRope also offers other native integrations for you to use. In the Account > Settings > Integrations area, connect with payment platforms such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and more! 


Zoom Integration

GreenRope’s native Zoom integration allows you to pull Zoom webinars and meeting attendees automatically into your CRM. Note you must be at the Zoom Pro level or higher for the integration to work. Click here to learn more about the Zoom Integration with GreenRope.

Do more with GreenRope. Zapier allows you to instantly connect GreenRope with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers. To learn more about different connections and integrations, click here to watch our recent webinar!


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