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CRM for Legal Professionals

Lawyer Mobile CRM

Relationships can be hard to manage and track, but with CRM legal professionals can easily take control of their lead and contact management. Traditionally, lawyers have not paid much attention to marketing themselves and maintaining their client relationships. Traditionally, there is a lack of attention that lawyers give towards their personal marketing, along with maintaining their client relations. That being said, with digital marketing being an important part of the buyer decision, sales and marketing technology is more crucial than ever.

With so much to do everyday, CRM and marketing automation help streamline and automate specific business processes, so that lawyers can focus on what they do best.

CRM helps firms establish, build, and maintain important client relationships. Here are a few reasons why legal firms should be using CRM and marketing automation.


1. Client management

Keep track of every engagement that you have with your client. From phone calls and emails to meetings and contracts, CRM lets you manage your entire relationship without having to remember it all yourself. With so many interactions, this is critical. This way you are aware of every single interaction, what was said, and when it was completed.


2. Strengthening Relationships

With the increasing demand for legal counsel over the internet, it is important that law professionals build lasting relationships with their clients to avoid them going elsewhere. A CRM helps you gather pertinent data about your clients so that you can foster those relationships and hopefully make them feel more comfortable with your process.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing does not necessarily mean marketing as a lawyer might understand it. Instead, look at it as a way to educate and inform your leads and clients. You can use the in-depth data contained within your CRM to help you personalize your communication with all of your clients without a substantial amount of time and effort. Ongoing communication with clients not only lets your client know you have them in mind, but that you care about their place in the process and that you are doing all you can to ensure they are comfortable and up-to-date.


4. Lead Nurturing

Not all clients will close with you the first time they inquire about your services. Again, with services like Legalzoom, clients can easily buy affordable legal advice online. To avoid this, you want to showcase why dealing with a lawyer at a firm is a much better decision for them in the long run. Lead nurturing allows you to automatically stay in touch with your leads, providing them with valuable information that engages and showcases your firm/lawyers as the best ‘man’ for the job.


Not all CRM platforms come with the same features. As law professionals, your CRM should have the following features:

  • Activity scheduling
  • Customizable activities
  • Contact management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Document management
  • Custom user-defined fields
  • Merge fields
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile app
  • Shared calendar
  • Task management
  • Lead management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social integration


Having each of these features integrated into one platform keeps things simple and allows you to contain data all in one place for effective and productive usage.

CRM has become an important tool for many legal firms and can help maximize growth for your client base. For more information about CRM and its many benefits, click here.


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