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Collaboratively Manage Tasks, Time, and Billing for Remote Working

To-do lists and sticky notes can only go so far when you have a stack of projects going on. And let’s be honest, as small businesses and entrepreneurs, when is there ever not something to do? There are many applications and websites that exist for project management. However, you can take advantage of these tools, amongst others, for free with your GreenRope account. With GreenRope’s Projects feature, you are far more equipped than having just a task list. You have a tool for accountability, budgeting, and efficiency. Your entire team can easily collaborate with managers and clients for organizing and prioritizing projects.

Project Management for Remote Working

When managing a remote workforce, it's important to use an integrated system that properly keeps track of hours worked, tasks completed, and tracks the progress in real time. A few benefits of using the Project Manager for remote working include:

  • Open communication among team with ongoing projects
  • Easily keep track of hours worked for client billing
  • Great tool for accountability, budgeting, and efficiency
  • Streamline process by assigning project teams, tasks, and due dates
  • Review real-time updates of project and progress towards completion
  • Time tracking for each project update and task, collecting valuable information

With the ability to assign project teams and tasks, you and your team can keep track of who’s doing what. Projects also allow you to review progress of completion and ensure that everyone is staying on track. Time tracking shows you just how much time is being allocated to each task, providing valuable information about which takes require more time and focus. Another benefit of projects are email notifications for updates. This efficiency streamlines the communication process and allows projects to get done quicker.

On the main “Projects” page, you are provided with an overview of all of your projects. The customizable categories, priority settings, due dates, and assigned team members give you a glimpse of everything that is being done and where everyone is at. This area allows you to easily modify your project settings from color and description to assigned members and email updates.


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Clicking on a project will pull up that project’s details. From this page you can review and modify the specifics of that project. Create individual tasks for that project, which can be assigned specific team members through its simple drag-and-drop functionality. Each task has a separate start and due date under the project, with individualized progress bars to show the task’s current stage. Under each task you can create a separate checklist. This aids your team to ensure that no step is missed! Tasks also have their own category, which can be distinguished separately from the project category. Each category can have a set hourly rate for pricing, enabling you to easily charge your contacts.


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 2.27.20 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 2.33.52 PM.png


On the Task Stages tab, you can create custom stages to move your tasks from creation to completion. The Kanban Board provides a visual summary of all of your projects and tasks, allowing you to easily move each task through their appropriate stage.

The Gantt Chart is another visual tool that illustrates your project schedule. See where each project starts and stops, and all of the important deadlines in between. Diamond icons are color coded to display completed and outstanding tasks so you can see what’s been completed on time or after the assigned due date.


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 2.34.41 PM.png


Managing a project can sometimes become a project in itself. Staying on track and keeping your team members accountable shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Get your team organized and your projects prioritized by using GreenRope’s Projects tool today!

Learn more about GreenRope’s Project Manager here:



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