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Zoom Integration with GreenRope

Seamlessly import Zoom meeting attendees and webinar registrants into GreenRope.

GreenRope now includes native Zoom integration which allows for seamless, automatic import of Zoom meeting attendees and webinar registrants into your CRM. By matching Zoom events to GreenRope CRM Calendar events, we'll add attendees as new contacts or update empty fields for existing contacts in your CRM, and activate workflows for each of them. Using the power of workflows, you can then add attendees to a particular group, start contacts on a Journey, or send text message follow-ups. This feature integrates attendee/registrant data from both single or recurring events.

In this post we will cover each of the following setup steps detail, making your zoom integration as painless as possible.

  • Start with creating a Zoom meeting or webinar in your active Zoom account (Pro Level or higher).  
  • Create a matching event in your GreenRope CRM Calendar.
    • The name of your GreenRope event must match the Zoom topic name. 
    • The start time must be within 10 minutes of the Zoom start time.
  • Once your events have been created GreenRope will automatically perform an import from Zoom every hour.
    • This function can also be performed manually at your discretion. 
  • An email report is sent each time the import is successful. 
    • The report will also identify any authorization issues that occurred during the import process.   

How to set up your Zoom integration

The first step is setting up your account integration, followed by creating your matching Zoom and GreenRope events. 

In GreenRope:

  1. Select Settings > Account > Integrations.
  2. Choose the Connect Zoom button.

Connect Zoom button

After you’ve connected to Zoom the first time, this button will have additional options:

Zoom connection button options

In Zoom, create the event:

  1. Within Zoom, create an event, meeting, or webinar. 
  2. Enter a Topic (event title). Note that the Topic will need to exactly match what you enter for the GreenRope Event Title. 
  3. Select the event start and end times. 
  4. Save the event.

In GreenRope, create an event in the calendar:

  1. Choose the group associated with the new event.
  2. Select Calendar > Events List.
  3. Click on the New Event button.

New Event button in Calendar > Event List

  1. Enter an Event Title. Note that the Event Title must match the Zoom topic exactly.
  2. Choose an Event Type. Remember, either the Event Title or Event Type must include the word "Meeting", "Webinar", or "Zoom" (not case-sensitive).
  3. Set start and end times for the event. GreenRope calendar Events must have a start time within 10 minutes of the start time set in Zoom.
  4. If you want to add contacts to a particular group or trigger a workflow when attendees are added via this import, go to the event’s Settings tab. 
    • Use the “Join group” selector to assign new contacts to. If you do not select a group, new contacts will be added to the CRM but will not be associated with any groups.
    • Select the workflow name from the “Activate Workflow” pulldown menu.

Activate Workflow field in Event Settings under Attendee RSVP Actions section

  1. Save and Close.


There are two ways importing Zoom registrants and attendees occurs, automatically every hour or manually. 

Automatic Import

GreenRope will automatically check whether there are new registrants to import every hour. This occurs once the GreenRope-Zoom connection has been authorized in the Settings > Integrations screen. 

Manual Import

You can manually force an import at any time by using the "Retrieve Zoom Attendees" button on the Settings > Integration page.

Retrieve Zoom Attendees button red highlight

Importing is a two-step process, where first you identify the users in Zoom that you want to import, followed by the final import.

Note that if you have many events in Zoom, the initial import can take a while. If you find the process is timing out (the spinner stays on the screen for over 2 minutes), choose one user at a time when performing a manual import.

After the Webinar

After the webinar is over, we will import all of the participants into the event in your CRM.


As the system checks for new registrants to import hourly a report email will be sent to the relevant people on your team if new attendees/registrants are added or if there is an authentication error.

Who receives the report depends on what settings you have in place:

  1. If the event has an Event Manager, that person will receive the report. (View or edit the event’s Event Manager by editing the event. Then choose Event Detail > Settings.)
  2. If not, we will send the report to the “Emails Sent From Email” specified for the group the event is associated with. (Settings > Group > Email) 
  3. If neither of those finds a valid email address, we will send the report to the account owner's email address. (Settings > Account > Contact Info)

A successful report will list the contacts imported for each event, and will indicate if any CRM data fields were updated from the registration data. Note that only empty fields will be updated (e.g., if the Zoom registration contains a first name for a registrant and you don't have a first name for that contact in your CRM).


To make sure all your attendees get added to a group, simply specify that in the “Join group” section of the Attendee RSVP Workflow.

Join Group option in Attendee RSVP Actions section

If you do not select a group from the “Join group” selector, the contacts will be added to the CRM but will not be added to any groups. 


To choose a workflow to trigger when new event registrants or attendees are added, use the "Activate Workflow" selector. The workflow can perform any valid action, delay, or decision, such as sending an email, waiting a specified number of days, or evaluating their demographics to determine another action. Using workflows you will be able to do such things as sending a specific email, adding the attendee/registrant to multiple groups, starting them on a particular journey, or scheduling a followup from your representative.

You can trigger workflows for all new attendees directly in the Event Detail screen of the GreenRope Event. 

  1. In GreenRope, create or select an event.
  2. On the Event Detail screen, go to the Settings tab. 
  3. Use the pulldown menus to select
    • Send email: Not applicable in this case since the connector does not synchronize in realtime. When using the Zoom integration it will NOT send an email defined here.
    • Join group: GreenRope group to add registrants or attendees to. If you want all your attendees to be added to multiple groups, use the Activate Workflow selector to choose a workflow containing actions to add to more than one group.
    • Activate Workflow: Workflow to activate when someone RSVPs that they will attend the event

Event Detail page with Attendee RSVP Actions area


  • You must be at the Zoom Pro level or higher to use this integration.
  • When connecting your Zoom account, connect using the main Zoom account login (account owner). This will allow GreenRope to import all events for all users. To determine who the Zoom account owner is, go to and login.

If your login is a Zoom administrator, you will see the screen below. On the left side navigation, choose Admin > Users and look for “Owner” in the Role column.  

Zoom user settings

If you login as a general Zoom account user, you will see this screen. On the left side navigation, choose the Account Profile tab to see the Account Owner’s email address.

Zoom account profile settings

  • To automatically import attendees and registrants, you must have matching events in both Zoom and in your CRM Calendar:
    • Zoom Events must have a start time within 10 minutes of the start time set in the GreenRope calendar
    • Zoom Topic must exactly match the GreenRope Event Title
    • GreenRope Event Type or Event Title must include the word "Meeting", "Webinar", or "Zoom" (not case-sensitive)
  • The integration will locate and synchronize all meeting attendees and webinar registrants and participants for events from up to 30 days ago and into the future.
  • Any CRM data updated will only update empty fields, it will not replace existing CRM data
  • When a new contact is created through the integration import, it is not assigned to any groups unless you specify a group in the "Join Group" selector for that event or assign it via a specified workflow.
  • If you want to add imported contacts to multiple groups, you can assign those groups in a workflow. 


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