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Learning Management System


By Shay Lucena


Binders and notebooks full of modules and chapters are a thing of the past. As said by Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This is important to remember for our everyday lives, but also for your business. When it comes to your business, there is always something that needs to be taught. This may be employee training, product information to clients, or educational material.


Whatever it is, GreenRope gives you the ability to teach with our Learning Management System. Obtaining course materials and hiring specialized instructors can not only be costly, but inefficient and wasteful. The eLearning model allows for your employees and students to learn at their own pace, while you can monitor each individuals’ progress.


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Use LMS to sell online courses/training, to supplement the traditional learning process, or to educate the general public.


Each course is broken down into a module, which is made of chapters of content. To begin, create your chapters of content by going to Apps > Wiki. You can also create a new wiki article directly in LMS by going to Apps > Learning and clicking “New Wiki Article”.


You will then create a course by selecting “New Course”, which you will then create different modules for. Courses can have their own different course names, proctors, and course descriptions.


The modules will be like your chapters, which are made up of your articles created in the Wiki area. Your modules are completely customizable to your business needs. Instead of bulky stacks of paper and textbooks to teach individuals, you can customize all content and also include images and videos through an online teaching platform.


You can also choose to test your participants at the end of each module. To do so, create your test in Communicate > Surveys. Once this has been created, you can add the survey/test to any module. Determine a passing score and require a proctor’s approval, if necessary.


If you are interested in selling some of your course materials such as for training or educational purposes, you can create an item in your store under Website. When a purchase is made, you can send individuals a link to the course.


If educational elements have not been a part of your business, then they should be now. At no additional cost to your GreenRope subscription, you can provide a priceless educational experience.


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