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Using GreenRope to Create Annual Reports

By Madison Potter


Over the past year, you have probably collected large amounts of data. Data and analytics are important to understand your overall performance and to fine tune your strategies for next year. This article covers the best marketing and sales related reporting features that’ll make your year-end wrap up a whole lot simpler.


It’s possible to create a great Annual Report without going into every detail of what happened in the past year. Instead, focus on the reporting tools that tell the story of your progress and highlight areas for improvement in the New Year. This article helps you understand some of the best and most compelling reports and statistics to include.


Main Dashboard Overview

With so many elements and touchpoints associated with each contact, the Dashboard easily brings these analytics to the forefront. The Dashboard is an easy way to see an overview of all the reporting options you can generate, then you can go into the specific areas of the account to dive into the details. 


To spark inspiration, here are a few reports you can generate right from the Dashboard:

  • Opportunity funnel & value
  • Overview of sent emails
  • Website tracking and lead scoring points
  • Top landing pages & blog posts
  • Transactions and conversions
  • Signup forms, tickets created, and events hosted
  • Database growth
  • And many more.


All of the charts on the Dashboard, and throughout the system, have clickable elements on them - to drill down and view more details. Click on these charts to see more insights and download any charts easily by clicking on the three-stipped icon on the top right. 



Are You Looking For Marketing Reports?

For a Marketing focused report, you can prove value by using real campaign analytics and show the ROI on your efforts. With GreenRope, you can easily gather these analytics by using the following tools.


Campaign Analytics

Whether you’ve built your website in GreenRope or added the tracking code to your external site, you can quickly get insights based on this data within the “Website Tracking” area of your account. This feature tracks all website visits and directly connects the tracking to specific contacts in your account. Download reports based on any of the following criteria:

  • Daily and monthly page views on your website, for known contacts and unique visitors
  • Time of day that generates the most traffic
  • Pageviews by specific campaign IDs you’ve created
  • Average number of page views per day and total number of page views
  • What browsers your visitors were using when visiting your site
  • What types of devices were used when navigating your site
  • Bounce rate, per day, from on your site
  • And many more


You’re able to track the success of individual campaigns by adding a conversion code to your marketing efforts. The “Campaigns and Affiliates” section of your account allows you to identify each individual conversion code used and lets you dive deeper into how these campaigns affected your website traffic, revenue, conversions, and more. Below is an example report to show how each campaign contributed to your total revenue. 



Email Campaign Analytics

Every email sent from your GreenRope account is automatically tracked and recorded within the “Email Tracking” section of your account. Here, you can easily download reports based on individual broadcasts, drip campaigns, customer journeys, personal emails, and more. The Email Tracking area allows you to see similar analytics to the website tracking, and dives deeper into the open and click rates, unsubscribes, bounces, etc.



Are You Looking For Sales Reports?

The sales team can highlight key sales numbers using the Opportunities reports, which bring the leads throughout the sales pipeline to the forefront.

Sales reporting includes: 

  • Opportunities
  • Sales funnels
  • CRM Activities needed to close new clients
  • Transactions and conversions

GreenRope’s integration brings all of the contact’s data into reports and sales funnel graphs for easy to read reporting. You can access these reports on the main dashboard of the system, within the individual contact’s record, as well as detailed analytics in the Opportunities area.


Opportunity Reporting

Opportunities have Phases that help you keep track of where in the sales cycle the opportunity is. You can additionally customize the pipeline by adding custom filters such as group, sales managers, and close dates. 

The different reports available for opportunities and funnels include:

  • Lead sources and Phase Paths
  • Lead quality by value and quantity
  • Kanban board to visualize open opportunities
  • Expected close dates (either as a deal won or lost)
  • Closing timelines for each Phase Path
  • 10-Day and long term forecasts
  • And many more



Additional Reporting Resources

Depending on the type of insights you’re looking to generate, you’ll find reports in each specific feature area of the account. For example, you can get details surrounding your project management, customer service and sales ticketing, and activities associated with contacts or team members. A simple way to view generally requested analytics will be within the “Contacts” drop down, then select “Reports.” This area summarizes important sales- and marketing-related reports, including:

  • Contact Reports: Use this tab to view reports related to contact data, CRM activity, and conversions. The contact user field reports show the numbers of contacts with specific values defined in those fields.
  • CRM Activities: This is where you can view CRM activities that have been completed or are scheduled to be completed (i.e., outstanding).
  • Opportunities: As mentioned above, opportunities allow you to keep track of leads, prospects, and sales. 
  • Conversions: Track the conversion values among your contacts per day and month.
  • Funnels: Shows the progress of contacts as they move through all the stages of conversion. 
  • Prediction: Conversion prediction is a powerful tool that lets you know which factors best predict the success of the products and services you sell.

Built into your account is the ability to track conversions (payments received, downloads completed, or key webpages visited) for all successful web-based transactions. Most reports can be clicked on to drill down into the details, click and drag the x-axis to zoom in. Click on the names of the data sets in the legend to isolate specific sets of data. 


GreenRope’s reporting features, available throughout the account, are designed to save you time and increase your productivity. Through using an integrated platform, you’re able to determine the details that define the quality of your leads and help you make high-level and informed decisions based on the real-time data at your fingertips!


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