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February 2022 System Updates

Love is in the air and there is no better way to show our clients we love them than with some amazing new updates and upgrades. Here are your February 2022 system updates.


There is a new option to label the “Other Notes” in your website store. Website > Store > Purchase/Checkout Options




The Summary chart now includes a column for Conversions, which tracks conversions that happened as a result of the email that was received. Communicate > Track Email




The map markers are now clickable, bringing up contact/company details. Contacts > Tools > Map



In the Contact and Company details dialog boxes now show the number of custom objects attached to the contact/company in the tab label.



We added more fields about each account's business. Settings > Account > Contact Info tab



When hovering over the sending domains there is now a list of the groups that are sending from that domain. Settings > Account > Settings > Email Settings



Shared Access

At the bottom of the permission column on the left, you’ll now see the ability to show permissions granted to contacts by the permission level. Settings > Account > Shared Access




Survey completion can send an alert email to addresses provided in the notify field. Communicate > Surveys

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.23.33 PM.png


We added a new button to export ALL survey responses for any particular contact (user must be a Power User or have Export permission granted). Contact details dialog > Surveys




When sending a new SMS campaign, there is now a confirmation step ahead of clicking the Send button to deliver messages. Communicate > SMS



Do you have an update suggestion? Email us anytime, we love client requests! 


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