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CRM for Financial Services

Data Fluidity

Currency is easily quantifiable, that’s the whole point of it. It exists as a medium of exchange so that we don’t have to barter at every point of purchase. Data, on the other hand, can't be valued as easily. Its value exists in the eyes of the beholder. When data is tied to a person’s identity or source of income, it’s priceless. 

Companies run on data, and financial institutions are no exception. Accountants, bankers, and financiers can appreciate the need for effective data management more than anyone. That’s why more and more financial institutions are turning to Complete CRM as a solution for secure and effective data management.

If you imagine your corporate data as a network of rivers and tributaries, Complete CRM’s information sharing tools would represent the various levees, pumps, dams, and reservoirs used to regulate the flow of information. Without the right tools and permissions in place, companies can find themselves subject to regular data droughts and floods. 

A data drought describes a state of data deficiency, where excessive bottlenecks in the information sharing process cut companies off from the lifeblood of their organizations. 

Floods can be characterized as a chaotic free flow of information. Oversaturating your people with disorganized information bogs down company growth. Employees end up spending too much time organizing and manually disseminating data to get anything done. Worst of all, oversaturation can result in information being leaked to outsiders or even criminals. 

Complete CRM represents the middle ground. Data management is all about control. By optimizing the flow of information, you can increase operational efficiency without sacrificing data integrity

GreenRope: The World’s First Complete CRM

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive way to better manage companies’ digital assets, lifelong entrepreneur, engineer, and U.S. veteran, Lars Helgeson, undertook the colossal effort of designing the world’s first Complete CRM. The launch of GreenRope was a watershed moment in business software development. No longer would data strategy require a disorienting hodge podge of MarTech applications. With GreenRope, all the tools you need to manage any organization are consolidated into a single platform. We’re the Swiss Army Knife of business software.

GreenRope, what’s it good for?

Data Collection

GreenRope provides financial institutions a 360-view of their customer’s financial needs. Quality CRM is about more than just storing demographic information. GreenRope allows you to track every single customer-brand interaction from initial consultations to investments, and more!  All pertinent information is uploaded to that contact’s CRM record, where team members can easily view the history of their relationship with your firm. Your contact database can be easily segmented using groups, tags, and data fields.

Effectively Engage Prospects & Clients

Attract the best customers for your institution with GreenRope’s suite of digital marketing tools! Drip campaigns, workflows, and customer journeys can be used to coordinate sophisticated digital campaigns for your brand. Our tools will help you effectively segment your mailing list to convey your institutional strength to prospective customers, advisors, agents, etc.

Improve your customer experience with advanced analytics!

Having all of your data in one platform means better analytics! GreenRope’s reporting and analytics provides valuable insights into your client-brand interactions. You’ll be better able to measure the efficacy of all customer engagement efforts including marketing campaigns, client advocacy, customer support, and more!

How’s it Safe?

GreenRope’s emphasis on data security provides total transparency of data use for account owners, and safe methods of data sharing for contacts and users. Our holistic approach to data management means you can carry out all the functions of business management, without company data having to ever leave your account. 

Don’t believe us? 

Below I’ve taken the liberty to illustrate some of our key features for managing the safe flow of data. I’ve included numerous links to resources that will expand on the topics discussed.

Shared Access

One amazing thing about GreenRope is that we don’t charge you per user. While other CRMs will try to nickel and dime you for additional add-ons, GreenRope’s total cost of ownership is relatively low. Our pricing is predicated almost exclusively on the number of contacts in your account.

So great, we can have as many users as we like, but how do we keep users accountable? And how do we limit their access to certain information?

GreenRope’s shared access makes it easy to limit users’ access to different features. Account owners can create users and assign them varying degrees of access, based on groups and features. It might make sense to give an employee access to contacts, workflows, and ticketing in one group, while only giving them access to contacts in another, and barring access to other groups entirely. Shared access permissions can be revoked just as easily as they can be assigned, making it easy to remove former contractors and employees from the system. Account owners can also delegate the ability to assign shared access to other users, known as power users.

Shared access enables firms to circulate information to the people and departments who need it, without oversharing with people who don’t. You can think of it as a safety valve.


Consolidation is your greatest protection against criminal data attacks! The issue with most MarTech applications is that they’re singular in purpose. This requires you to invest in multiple solutions, and create a convoluted method to integrate all of your various applications. 

Complete CRM was built to contain everything you need to run your business. With all your data contained in a single platform, we help minimize the risk of your company’s valuable information being compromised. There’s no longer a need to worry about data being intercepted by cyber criminals as it’s moved from one application to another, and you no longer have to manage a messy collection of passwords.  

One way GreenRope keeps information contained within the system is by severely restricting users’ ability to move data out of the system. Even contacts who’ve been granted export permissions have to request the ability to export from the account owner, who can either enable exports for thirty minutes or a year. We also make it so that only account owners can set up integrations with other applications, though with all of GreenRope’s tools and features we doubt you’ll be setting too many integrations.

Client & Employee Portal Management

Client Portals provide firms a safe and secure way to digitally share sensitive information with their clientele. Using GreenRope’s custom objects feature, portals create a secure network for two way information sharing. Clients can login to view, manage, or update their profile information, and upload documents in real time. Client Portals are ideal for sharing cash memos, cheques, vouchers, receipts, and more. Information uploaded via the portal is stored within each respective contact’s CRM record, making it easy for account users to find and reference the data you’ve collected. 

Portals are also great for onboarding new employees! They can be used to import and catalogue important employee information like proof of residence, employment history, identifying documents, employment contracts and more.

As your relationships with your employees grow, portals can be used to share tax forms, record disciplinary measures, and update outdated information.

How it Works

Client Portals use custom objects to upload, store, and organize information that can’t be easily defined by data fields. Unlike data fields, where you can only define one value per field, you can attach as many custom objects to a contact’s record as you wish.

Each client portal is specific to the contacts you’re working with, and can only be accessed through a unique URL. Even though the client has access to this data, you have full control over which fields are viewable and which are editable. 


GreenRope provides account owners total transparency to what’s going on in their account. Using the ‘Recent Actions Log:’ you can view all user actions within a set time frame. This way there’s no question of who did what, or when. 


Legendary comic book writer, Stan Lee, toted the maxim, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” This notion, which has come to be known by history as the ‘Peter Parker principle’, is just as applicable to CRM as it is to web slinging vigilantes, because with great functionality, comes a greater need for security. GreenRope offers financial institutions a higher ROI than any comparable SaaS product on the market. We also offer airtight security protocols and secure options for managing your company’s data. For more information about what we provided businesses, check out our FAQs.


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