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November Updates

Your feedback is extremely important to us, that is why we are excited to share with you the newest features and updates to the GreenRope system. Do you have a suggestion for an update? We want to hear from you!  

Here are all the updates and new features we added in November: 

Account Updates

Shared Access 

If a group now has two or more shared access users associated with it a new “remove all” button will remove all shared access users from the group at once. 



Project Management & Ticketing Updates

Project Manager

The project manager timer can now be restored if the timer page was closed  without submitting an update. 

Power users and account owners can now change the datetime of a project update. 




The bio field is now a textarea, this update allows for better CSS control and has textarea default width of 70%.



Email Marketing


The Open/Templates button has been moved. 



When defining anchors for links inside the same document in the email builder, the anchor picker locates and identifies anchor IDs and names in other sections

There are now five new email templates available in the Email EasyBuilder



A new “Revert Theme” button is now available to reset the canvas to the last saved version of the template. This is especially useful when selecting a theme or making template changes without affecting the content. 




Shared access users with Limited Contacts rights can access the filters on the left side of the screen of the contact page.



Workflows, Journeys, & Opportunities


Alerts can now be customized to be sent “from” a specific name/email address along with supporting more opportunity fields and survey placeholders.

Emails sent with workflows that are sent with opportunities support OpportunityField#_Placeholder for custom opportunity field data


When a journey is loaded, it will detect if any Media or Workflows have been deleted and alert at the top of the page.




The opportunities kanban board has a new text filter to search for an opportunity by title, name, and company.



The opportunities list now has multiple new list columns that can be used to sort your table. New column titles include Contact ID, Email, Address, City, State, Zip/Post, and Country. The ability to check all boxes in a category and separate columns for Manager Name and Manager Email has also been added to the opportunities list feature. 




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