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GIG HARBOUR, WA - JUNE 23, 2023: GreenRope, an industry leader for its comprehensive CRM and marketing automation solutions, has once again solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry. In the recently released G2 Summer Reports, GreenRope proudly claimed the titles of High Performer and Easiest To Do Business With, receiving an impressive selection of nine new badges.

GreenRope’s complete new badge list for Summer 2023 includes:

  • High Performer for Small Business | Surveys
  • High Performer for Small Business | Marketing Automation
  • Easiest To Do Business With for Small-Business | Landing Page Builders
  • High Performer for Mid-Market | Marketing Automation
  • Easiest To Do Business With | Landing Page Builders
  • High Performer | CRM
  • High Performer | Marketing Automation  
  • High Performer | Surveys 
  • Users Love Us

"GreenRope is grateful for the support and feedback we’ve received from our clients," remarks Marketing Coordinator, Cole Garza. "By fostering meaningful connections, we continually look to understand the goals of our users, leading to the development of a platform that is tailored to their requirements. Going beyond traditional CRM, GreenRope offers a suite of integrated features. We empower teams to collaborate efficiently by improving communication and productivity. With the prioritization of our clients' needs and continuous improvement, GreenRope stands as the top all-in-one solution in the CRM and automated marketing space."

Along with the High Performer award, GreenRope received a new honor by receiving the Easiest To Do Business With badge in the landing page builder category. This badge is given to the product in G2’s Relationship Index with the highest Ease of Doing Business With rating in its category.

"Despite being a small business, GreenRope successfully competes with industry giants by leveraging its unique value proposition," explains Garza. "Our platform distinguishes itself by providing unrivaled value without compromising on crucial aspects like security, features, and support. Clients can enjoy a fully integrated and cost-effective solution that delivers extensive benefits. This easily sets us apart from our larger competitors."

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GreenRope, founded in 2008, offers cloud-based integrated software that resolves businesses’ operational challenges. Its user-friendly platform streamlines essential functions, including e-commerce, accounting, CRM, email marketing, calendaring, websites, and social media. By utilizing GreenRope, companies can reduce marketing and CRM software expenses by up to 80%. With pricing plans starting at just $99/month, visit to learn more.

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