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October 2023 System Updates



Invoices - in Settings > Account, you can rename SKU to be another label of your choosing 

Account Settings

Settings > Account - related to having the phone/mobile icons clickable, clicking on these icons can activate a workflow 


Contact Details - the icons next to the Phone and Mobile fields now have links on them to "tel:" addresses, so you can use browser plugins that enable in-browser calling 

Contact Details > Opportunities - when viewing an opportunity card, there's a new clock icon that you can click to view the history of the opportunity (to view changes in quality, phase, value, close date)

Custom Objects 

Apps > Custom Objects - objects can now be configured to appear in the Apps dropdown so that users can go directly to them and view those objects

Apps > Custom Objects > Search - now can include Phone and Mobile fields


Workflows can now create custom objects 


EasyBuilder - updated more templates - Event Invitation with Speakers, Explore, Habitat 

EasyBuilder - updated the Event Invitation, Cyber Sale, Company Welcome templates 

EasyBuilder (email and landing pages) - social icons all updated, and new sections for all black and all white silhouetted versions of icons 


Apps > Ticketing - for custom fields, if the field is a URL, we will automatically make it a link 


Journeys - the Decision operator now supports Notes is/contains 


Websites - you can specify a blog page for linking "read more" to a page on your site 



Modern Postcard