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Increase Sales with Customer Advocacy


Did you know that 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from friends or family? For most of you, that should not come as much of a surprise.  (Social Chorus)

This stat highlights the importance of engaging your customers, showing your dedication to them, and in turn, have them share your brand’s story.

This means that you do not just ‘hit it and quit it’ once a sale closes. Instead, you nurture your clients past the sale to increase your retention rate and inspire them to be your brand advocates.

Why are customer advocates so important for your reputation?

  • They know your brand
  • They use your product/service
  • They are a credible source of information
  • Inexpensive publicity and promotion
  • Builds solid relationships

Here are few ideas for showing your customers you care so they will be excited to share their experiences and spread the word about your brand!

1. Offer client features on your website, blog or social media in return for case studies or testimonials.

Case studies and testimonials are powerful marketing tools, and it is great to collect as many as you possibly can. Offer to do a feature on your client on your blog in return for either a social mention or a full case study. They will be excited about the feature and will be more inclined to share your blog as well as your social profiles/posts if they see their own brand pop up!

For example, if one of our clients does a case study for us, we feature them on our blog, share their brand on social media, and more. Why? They helped us out, and it is only right to do the same in return.

2. Offer special promos to long time clients

Do you have clients that have been around for quite some time? Thank them by offering them a long-time client discount. This is just a nice little gesture that will give them what some call the warm and fuzzies. Plus, if you give them a discount, they become a little more sticky and likely to stay on as your loyal and trusted client.

3. Offer discounts for reviews and testimonials

Incentivize people to give you reviews and testimonials. A more simple method of garnering lots of love from your clients is to offer them a discount in exchange for a review. People love a deal, and will be inclined to help you out if they know they are getting something (especially saving money) out of it. If you are collecting testimonials, make sure your clients are ok with you sharing their name and company.

We offer a 10% discount to any one of our clients that reviews us on G2Crowd, TrustRadius, and Capterra.

4. Follow and engage with all of our clients on social media and encourage them to do the same

Each time you get a new client, make it a point to see if they have a social presence. If they do, strike up a conversation, show your excitement for your new client and engage with them on a more personal basis. This social exchange is a public display of service and support. Make it genuine, and keep the conversation going. This is a great way to start developing deeper relationships with your clients. 

5. Send personalized birthday cards or thank you’s to your clients

This one may seem tedious and time consuming, BUT if you have a CRM fully equipped with Workflows, you can automate these emails or printed pieces. The trick here is to make them as personal as you possibly can, by adding in data from your CRM. For example, if you are sending a thank you note, include the person’s first name and company name. Merge fields will help you accomplish this.

Figure out which is going to engage your customers the best. Determine which platforms they are on, find out what they are interested in and talking about and then develop your customer advocacy strategy.



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