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Aunt Betty’s Secret CRM Recipe

Written by: Melissa Filich

GreenRope’s Complete CRM is a family recipe made from hard work, love, and a little holiday magic. 

The holidays are finally here, and what a crazy year it has been!  We finally made it to the end of 2020! The holidays may look a little different this year, with socially distanced parties, virtual Thanksgiving dinners, quarantine preparations, and so much gratitude towards  friends, family, and the many clients that have weathered this 2020 storm with you. 

With all the chaos this year has given us, the one thing you can control is the recipe you use to stay on top of your business during challenging times. Just like a Thanksgiving dinner with the best appetizers, sweetest cranberry sauce, juiciest turkey, and of course Aunt Betty’s famous blue-ribbon pecan pie, an all-in-one CRM can help you bring it all together with a little more sanity and a little less chaos.

Here is the perfect recipe for a successful Complete CRM, sure to get you to the coveted adult table!

Marketing (the appetizer that gets people hooked and ready to stay for the main course)

The ooh's and the ahhh’s when the guests arrive to see a perfectly decorated table full of treats is the same feeling your leads and customers will experience thanks to GreenRope’s omnichannel marketing tools available with every active account. 

Marketing Automation

If you’re building or managing your business you must have a marketing automation platform in place to help streamline your marketing process, keep leads engaged, and lead them towards conversion. Marketing automation is like the giant cheese ball, the cornucopia filled with grapes & veggies, the pigs-in-a-blanket, the delicious little tidbits that keep you satiated and engaged until you get to the dinner table.

Journey Mapping

Hosting any holiday event takes a detailed strategy, planning the entire meal from start to finish in detailed stages to ensure the entire day goes off without a hitch. Just like you start your leads on a specific journey through your sales funnel, mapping out a solid pathway for them to follow from lead to long-term client ultimately gives them a better experience and generates more revenue for your business (aka delicious sweet PIE!). 

Drip Campaigns 

Just like watching football, going to the movies after dinner, enjoying a 2000 piece puzzle, or falling asleep in your barcalounger, drip campaigns are a powerful marketing automation tool to help keep the celebration going by helping to engage leads and drive conversions by eliminating manual processes. Drip campaigns take your hosting skills to the next level to ensure everyone has a plate of food and drink in hand throughout the entire day!

Email Marketing Software

Would you invite your friends and family to a Thanksgiving feast, and then serve pizza? NO! You want to deliver the right message at the right time, giving your target audience useful and relevant information. Use email marketing to send your virtual or in-person pizza free Thanksgiving invites! Unless pizza is your Thanksgiving tradition, in which case, I’ll take a slice!

Operations (time to cut into the turkey and pass the mashed potatoes)

Like all the hard work that goes into the main course, your business is a finely oiled machine with many components and moving parts. GreenRope’s Operations tools help you effectively manage and grow your business, while bringing in elements you need from your sales and marketing.

Project Management  

Thanksgiving preparation is key to a successful holiday afternoon. 

1 hour to prepare the turkey before marinating overnight. 

2 hours peeling potatoes and chopping veggies

40 minutes to make the green bean casserole

4-6 hours to cook the bird

The list goes on and on, time management is key, and delegating different tasks is even more important. GreenRope knows that when it comes to managing any business it is imperative to have a good system in place to create projects, assign and manage tasks, keep track of hours worked, and track the progress of it all in real-time. Let the Project Manager take the stress and guesswork out of your day-to-day business activities, it also makes a sous chef on Thanksgiving, give it a try this year to help keep your meal preparation on track. 

Event Management

From the gold leaf embossed handmade invitations your crafty suck-up sister-in-law made to the post-Thanksgiving thank you notes, GreenRope has all of the tools you need to create, plan, manage, and track all your online and offline event needs. Creating the virtual equivalent of those fancy invitations is easy with an advanced email marketing editor like GreenRope’s EasyBuilder. Track all your invitation responses and manage your event all in one easy to use software. 

Ticketing System

We’ve all heard the horror stories of burnt turkey, raw turkey, dropping the turkey, forgetting to thaw the turkey, the list of Thanksgiving Day woes is long and filled with heartache and disappointment. This does not have to be the case for your clients. Implementing a strong ticketing system into your business model to help manage complaints and elevate your customer experience. GreenRope’s ticketing (or issue tracking) helps you manage the issues and inquiries of your leads and clients. Assign tickets, manage responses, and track issues to put your customer support team above the competition. 

Contact Management

It isn’t a good Thanksgiving if there are no friends and family to share it with, just like it isn’t a good Contact Manager if it isn’t a fully functional contact-centric software that easily stores contact information while also providing fully integrated insight into tracking all information and communication activities linked to each contact. Manage all your guests’ dietary needs and restrictions with custom user fields so everyone is left feeling fat and happy on Thanksgiving. 

Sales (sweet, sweet pie!)

The football game is playing, stomachs are full and everyone is anticipating the delivery of their favorite part of the day, PIE! GreenRope’s sales features provide you that sweet extra little something that makes your leads feel like family sitting around the table enjoying a slice of Aunt Betty’s perfectly prepared pecan pie.   

Workflow Management

Some people might argue that store-bought dinner rolls aren’t as fluffy as homemade rolls and that might very well be true but they are just as equally delicious and much easier to “make”. This is what implementing workflows into your sales and marketing strategies does. These series of events are triggered by various contact actions making your life so much easier while still feeding your contact with the buttery roll they deserve. 

Custom Objects 

On average, you’ll probably have many different pie choices on Thanksgiving. Apple, pumpkin, chocolate cream, pecan, the list goes on and on and the variety is always plentiful. Why? Because everyone likes something different and as the host of the big day you need to know which pie each person likes. That is exactly what Custom Objects do. 

Unlike custom fields that have customization that is one-to-one (Uncle Joe likes three kinds of pie, “Number of Pies” being the custom field), custom objects are a one-to-many customization process. For each pie you probably want to define filling, crust type, oven settings, and baking times. Uncle Joe could have multiple pies in your CRM, you would create separate custom objects for each pie and attach Joe’s contact record in your CRM. 

Sales Opportunities 

One of the most important parts of Thanksgiving is the grocery shopping. I’ve learned over the years that a detailed and concise shopping plan is a MUST when it comes to making the day a success. GreenRope gives you all the preparation tools you need to easily guide every lead through your sales funnel like a mom on a mission through the grocery store on the eve of any major holiday! Creating custom phases and paths, individualized for each sales person’s preferences is easy to do and allows workflows to be triggered for each contact going through the various opportunities

Lead Scoring 

No, we aren’t talking about which football team has the lead or what the score of the big game is. Lead scoring is a sophisticated process that helps you identify your hot and cold leads. Assign scores and track both demographic and activity-based data so you and your salespeople know exactly which contacts are engaging with your brand and how to follow up accordingly. Assign a score to all the dishes your guests bring to know what works and doesn’t work for next year, Aunt Betty’s pie gets a TEN!

There you have it, the perfect Thanksgiving CRM recipe to help your business thrive this holiday season and beyond.

From all of us at GreenRope, we hope you have a safe, restful, and enjoyable holiday. 





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