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Shopify Integration with GreenRope

Do you use Shopify to sell your goods and services online? If so, GreenRope can help you customize your customer's shopping experience.

eCommerce is nothing new, but in the last two years, the use of eCommerce in business has skyrocketed. More and more businesses are turning to online strategies to market and sell their services and products.

eCommerce is not just for retail products. Businesses offering services, courses, and more can use online stores to easily expand their marketing and drive additional sales.

Shopify is the leading online store provider, offering businesses an easy solution for selling and managing sales online. But what happens when someone visits your store and purchases a product or service? What happens when they don’t?

Shopify only provides part of the customer experience puzzle. For a well-rounded customer experience, you need to incorporate automation, specifically personalized follow up automation to really create a winning experience.

That is where GreenRope comes in.

GreenRope provides Shopify users with an easy way to personalize the shopping experience and drive real revenue with automated strategies.

New Order Automation

When a customer places an order, it’s important to communicate with them to keep them informed of their purchase. Once someone has placed an order, you will want to immediately confirm the order, as well as store that data for future targeted marketing campaigns. With GreenRope’s integration with Shopify, any new orders that come in can automatically trigger a workflow, and also store pertinent data about your customers and their purchase history. This valuable information allows you to personalize your marketing in the future.

Abandoned Cart Automation 

We’ve all received that “Did you forget something?” email when we abandon an online shopping cart. As a retailer, you know that sending a reminder with a direct link to the shopping cart significantly increases the likelihood of a conversion. Our integration allows you to automatically send abandoned cart emails to hopefully try and get that customer back to your online store.

Customer Journey Mapping

GreenRope's drag-and-drop customer journey mapping tool gives you full control of how new and potential customers communicate with your brand. Send them on customized paths depending on their purchase history, customer status, type of order, and more.

Need even more? Trigger workflows that can send contracts, text messages, invoices, assign tasks to team members, and update data when someone makes a purchase or abandons their shopping cart. This is a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Whether you are using Shopify to sell products or services, GreenRope helps you manage the sales and marketing process more effectively.

Customer Support for Your Shoppers

With GreenRope’s built-in customer service ticketing system, you can manage customer inquiries and issues all from one place. The great thing about this level of integration is that all of your marketing and customer service is contained in one dashboard. Your customer service team has access to contact data like past purchase history, so they can provide optimal support. Then, you can use automated follow ups, like surveys to gain valuable insights on the service you provided, customer purchases, and more.

Complete CRM

Complete CRM is an essential tool for any growing business, and now, with our Shopify integration, we make your eCommerce experience even better. Complete CRM is an all-in-one solution designed to alleviate the need for multiple third-party service providers. Instead, all of your sales, marketing, and operations are in one integrated tool. This not only saves you loads of money, but also increases productivity within your organization.

To learn more about how GreenRope and Shopify work together, click here


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