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September 2022 System Updates

September is here and changes are in the air as it is a month of new beginnings. Excitement is all around us as the children head back to school. The scent of sharpened pencils, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes is all around us. New adventures await and new system updates have been made. Check out these great new upgrades and quotes from a few of our wonderful clients to our support team.

Journeys - new option for Decision operators for "after date in user field" to support days relative to the date in the user field (e.g., decision if 30 days before date in user field)

Website > Blog - if no images in any of the top 5 blog posts, it removes the spacer 


Communicate > Email > Templates - added new email template "A Clean Slate (left justified)" as a starting point for simple, left justified emails 



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