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How Marketing Automation Can Boost Your Revenue for the Holidays

Holiday Shopping

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The holiday season is fast approaching. For business owners, now is the time for action. You need to make sure you’re fully prepared to meet the demands of holiday shoppers. From Black Friday/Cyber Monday to Christmas (and everything in between), shoppers are ready to buy. Accordingly, you need to be ready to sell in order to remain competitive.

You’re busy enough during the holiday season preparing for an increase in sales. The last thing you’ll have time to do is devote even more energy to your marketing campaigns. Of course, marketing is critically important during this time of the year. After all, you want to maximize your business’s earning potential when people are most likely to buy.

How can you reconcile the demand for more marketing with the immense time commitment you’re giving to other areas of your business? The answer to this question is simple: automation. Marketing automation is your key to getting everything you need in order for even better success.

Bringing Automation to E-Commerce

Social Media

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The push for automation is especially important within the e-commerce market. Online sales account for a huge portion of retail sales. Most businesses already recognize this trend and have websites built for successful e-commerce operations.

Even with an optimized website, you still may be missing out on opportunities for additional revenue. How much have you incorporated automation into your business operations?

Below, check out some holiday tips for integrating automated marketing into your own e-commerce campaigns – and potentially boosting your business potential.

Social Media

Creating and maintaining a strong social media presence should go without question within e-commerce. But did you know that you can automate a lot of this process to save time? Simply schedule your Facebook posts or Tweets to keep your account active and regularly – without spending tons of time setting up posts every day.

Email Campaigns

Similar to social media, email lists are another prime source to direct people to your site. This is especially true during the holidays. By giving people an incentive to come to your site (e.g. subscriber discounts, promo codes and sales), your email marketing still remains critically important.

Best of all, many email platforms make it easy to set up scheduled email for automated marketing. That way, you can enjoy the marketing results while saving time in your daily operations.

For best results, your messages should have two very important components:

  1. A specific deal or product.
  2. A clear call-to-action.

These two components ensure that there’s no question what you’re offering – and that your audience should take advantage of it right now.

Coupon Code Sharing

Savvy web-based shoppers demand the best discounts and deals. Remember, finding a deal online is as easy as a Google search. If you’re not giving shoppers a reason to buy from you, they’ll go someplace else.

Why not meet these types of shoppers right where they are by including promo codes for your shop?

Effective promo codes are usually simple – free shipping after $25 or $50 of orders, 25% off specific items, and even bundling free items with other purchases. Even better, you can offer limited time deals such as weekend blitzes to compel people to choose your business right now or risk losing out on a deal. By creating excitement and scarcity like this, you’ll encourage even more people to choose your business.

Promo codes are a great way to drive more business to your site. A few simple clicks within your site’s platform will easily implement these codes. And buyers will be happy to choose you with the understanding that they’ve found an excellent deal.

Contests & Promotions to Celebrate the Holidays

Remember, “‘tis the season to be jolly!” Why not celebrate with your customers by offering contests and other promotions to generate a buzz?

From an automation perspective, you can set up a variety of contests or other initiatives that do the majority of the work for you. For example, you can set up a social media post encouraging your customers to vote for an item to get an even better discount. The voting contest can be set up with automatic tools for collecting/compiling votes.

Success for the Holidays

As you can see, automating as much as possible within your marketing and social media can yield a tremendous amount of benefits for a business. Don’t forget that the holidays are a time for celebration and enjoyment. Ensure that all your marketing reflects this joy and cheer. That way, your customers will be happy to choose your e-commerce site over the competition.


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