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Marketing Automation: Lead Generation and Nurturing Tactics that will Work for your SMB

When word of mouth simply doesn’t cut it anymore, small businesses turn to marketing automation for cost effective ways to acquire new customers. Automation can help amplify the reach of a small business’s marketing efforts. 

The Email Age is Here to Stay

Automated email marketing is nothing new, the technology has been around for decades. But, despite all the constantly passing fads, which seem to sweep the marketing industry off its feet and then fade away with little more than a whimper, email marketing remains as relevant and as lucrative as ever.

By all indications, email marketing is still the best performing marketing discipline. 

“Once again, email marketing has emerged from the Email Census as the most highly rated marketing channel or discipline for return on investment, with nearly three-quarters (74%) of client-side marketers rating it as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ in this context.” (2018 Email Marketing Industry Census)


Drip Campaigns: An Ageless Classic

Drip campaigns are a predetermined set of emails sent out to prospective leads in an effort to work them through your sales funnel. They can be scheduled, or activated by various triggers. You may hear the term used interchangeably with other pieces of technical marketing jargon including drip marketing, lifecycle emails, and automated email campaigns. These terms are often used in reference to the same concept.

Drip campaigns can be used for nurturing prospective leads, up-selling current clientele, and working former customers back into your fold. Utilizing an integrated CRM will allow you to customize email content using contact information stored in the platform.

In its essence, email automation is simply an extension of relationship marketing, which Forbes defines as, “a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement.” It’s important that extended drip campaigns provide value to your leads because if your sales pitch fails the first time, it probably won’t become any more successful as you repeat it dozens of times. Build a relationship with your future customers  by providing them valuable information on topics they’re interested in. This way when you finally pitch your product it won’t seem so forward and jarring.

*It’s important to note, drip campaigns are not the same thing as autoresponders. Autoresponder emails are technically different from email drip campaigns, as they are more trigger-based and transactional. 


Monitoring KPIs

Never neglect the power of analytics. All your efforts will be for naught if you lack reliable performance indicators with which to measure your success. Marketing is as much a science as it is an art form. Using a complete CRM, you can consolidate data from all of your sales & marketing endeavors in a single access point.

The two most important components of any complete CRM, integration and automation, allow a company’s marketing team to work closely with its other departments. When a sales team and a marketing team can communicate vital information with ease, the conversion process becomes more streamlined and efficient, saving company time and money.


Choose your content carefully

Content drives lead generation. Everything you produce, in any medium, reflects your brand’s values and personality.

Drip campaigns are one of the simplest and most effective facets of email automation. They’re activated instantly upon being assigned to a contact group.

Sophisticated marketing platforms allow for drip campaigns to be triggered user actions.





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