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8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation can do wonders for your marketing team. It can help to smooth out some tired processes and streamline your team to be more dynamic. However, onboarding or financing marketing automation software can seem like a daunting task. It can prove challenging to win a budget for implementing. 

In this article, we’ll explore eight perks to using marketing automation software to help you build a business case that gets your budget and onboarding approved. 


Eight ways marketing automation can help your business

1. Communicate better

Communication is a two-way street. Conversational selling is a process that many sales and marketing teams understand, but not many can implement. Why? Because it requires data to be effective. 


The complete guide to conversational sales


70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails, and many consumers say they’re more likely to shop with brands that provide personalized recommendations to them.  People are happy for brands to communicate with them; however, they want it personal

How can you possibly manage to communicate with hundreds, maybe thousands of potential clients, and remain personal? Good marketing automation software can give you an omnichannel overview of your customers and their data. 

With marketing automation, you’ll be able to combine social media and email communications. You’ll never have to repeat yourself and can deliver relevant content for individuals based on their preferences or interactions with your marketing channels. 

Plus, by using marketing automation software, you’ll be able to inform marketing and sales teams of your efforts. You can pass data from lead collection sources to lead nurturing funnels. Your sales team will know exactly what someone has seen, what they’re interested in, and have an idea of the info they need to present to convert someone into a sale. 

2. Make data-driven decisions 

Data is dinero. If you want to sell more products and identify new opportunities for business growth, you need to be data-minded and make decisions backed up by numbers. 

Marketing automation software is your data-bank for campaign performance and statistics, read and act upon this data to make smarter business decisions. 

By integrating marketing automation software, you’ll be able to: 

  • Track website visitors
  • See website interactions
  • Understand top referral sites 
  • Discover best performing web pages
  • Track conversions
  • Overview split testing results 
  • See email opens, clicks & bounce rates
  • See social media engagements


Website tracking


The list is long. Realistically, a lot of this data you can collect manually from different places and combine it in one place. However, that process is cumbersome, leaves a lot of room for error, and transforming that data into something more visual can be a grueling task. 

By introducing marketing automation software, your team has a single point of truth, and you’re able to collect and compare all of that data in one place. What’s more, your data never needs to leave one piece of software and be manually transferred to somewhere else— leaving zero room for formatting errors. 

3. Automate cumbersome processes




A marketing team has a ton of reporting, data-building, and just general “monkey work” to execute to operate. It can be frustrating having to copy and paste text, numerical data, or email lists from one platform to another. 

Your marketing automation software can eradicate some of the tasks you really don’t enjoy yet are necessary for operating efficiently.  

Manage your sign-ups, your marketing insights, and even survey responses in one place. You can pull data from one test and effortlessly compare it to another data-point. 

This eradicates all of the pre-meeting prep that marketing analysts or marketing managers often have to do to make a marketing meeting efficient. You’ll be able to walk into a meeting, pull the data or information you need, and allow your team to dive straight into what they’re good at— creating. 

4. Integrate current software

For all of the fantastic things that marketing automation software can do for you, and the amount of money it can save you by eradicating the need for other software subscriptions, there are specific platforms or software apps that you’ll simply want to keep. 

Don’t worry, integration doesn’t need to be a mission that takes weeks to initiate. Integrations are there to help your business succeed and are much simpler than they used to be. 


Zoom Integration


GreenRope, for example, integrates with Zoom, Paypal, Zapier, Gmail, and Outlook, to name a few. Integrations help you get your work done, reduce the need for exporting and importing data, and allow for a smoother onboarding of your marketing automation software. 

5. Go mobile

A lot of marketing software has been around for a while, and while that means more people recognize the big names in the industry, it often means that the product itself is not as up to date as it should be. It’s such a shame to see marketing tools that have not adjusted to the times and the way we work in today’s world. 




Let’s face it, we’re mobile. Over half of all web traffic is mobile today. We’re on the move constantly, and we need marketing software that can move with us. It’s no use receiving an email asking for information or requiring action but only being able to reply: “Sure, I’ll be at my laptop soon.”

Today, new marketing automation software should have a mobile application that is just as powerful and efficient as the desktop version of the software. A mobile app should be able to:

  • Check in with leads
  • Track CRM activities 
  • Have email marketing insights

To name a few things. Just because you’re not at your desk, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive with your time and be giving your business the best chance at success it deserves. 

6. Collaborate with your team

Share the workspace that your marketing automation software provides with your team to collaborate better and get work done faster. Pick and choose who you share what with so people only have access to the areas they need. 

When you’re picking a payment plan for marketing automation software, be sure you can look at the number of heads that can access your account. Many companies charge per head, and jumping from a team of 2-4 to an account with 5+ or more members can drastically increase your software cost. Psst. GreenRope doesn’t charge or limit per team member.




Collaborating directly in the marketing automation software ensures that everyone is on the same page when reading data and eradicates the risk of missed communication. It will help your team get more out of your marketing automation software, not just your managers.  

7. Store secured data

Data protection is now so vital for businesses. Since the GDPR compliance regulation is currently operating throughout Europe— and affecting the entire world— enterprises have had to change how they work with consumer data. 

Long gone are the days in which businesses could brush under the rug how they use data and third-parties they share data with. The GDPR changes put the consumer in the driving seat, giving them full control and vision over their data and where they choose to share it. 

Changes like this one have resulted in businesses around the world under scrutiny for how they’re using and storing customer data. It’s so essential for your business’s marketing automation software to have a data disaster recovery plan, encrypted web connections, and two-factor authentication for exports to ensure you’re handling data in the safest way possible. 

This transparency around data will not only keep you as a legally abiding business under EU law but also help to win and retain customers. Gartner said that brands putting user-level control of marketing data will have a reduced churn-rate of 40% and increased customer lifetime value by 25% in 2023. 

8. Create a unified brand

If you’re growing quickly, it can often be hard to build a unified brand. Different people ease in and out of different roles in a small marketing team, and branding is usually on the back burner. The team knows what the brand should look and feel like, but no one has had time to put it on paper. 

Marketing automation software can help you continue to publish branded content that looks and feels in line with your brand until your team is ready to unify and document the process. 

Use templates and styles that are continuous throughout your email, social, and web assets and design them all in one place. 


Email builder with GreenRope


With marketing automation software, you’ll never need to worry about formatting, or hard-coding any communications to remain on-brand. Instead, you can use drag and drop formatting software and focus on the content you want to deliver rather than the technical side of how to deliver it. 


Wrapping up eight ways to get the most out of your marketing automation software

That’s all for building a business case in getting your marketing automation software approved. Hopefully, this article has given you ample reason and support in your quest for marketing automation, and you’ve identified at least one drastic change it can initiate in your business that will have your employer’s attention. 

Once you’ve got marketing automation software onboard, be ready to crank up your marketing efforts; you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve with a little help. 


Author Bio

Ray Slater Berry is a content strategist at Outreach Humans and Studyclerk. He has been working in social media and content marketing for eight years. He specializes in the tech, innovation, and travel sectors. He is also a published fiction author with his first title, Golden Boy.



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