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How Automation Impacts Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In the past five years, searches for “Marketing automation” on Google trends have tripled, a sign of widespread interest and adoption of automation.

While this is the case, evidence suggests that marketers are still struggling to get the most out of marketing automation.

For example, 51% of B2B marketers aren't confident about the role of automation in improving collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Let's be honest. Rather than having an extra automation tool in your tech stack, you need a deeper understanding of how automation affects your email marketing campaigns.

In this post, we’re going to discuss five ways automation affects your email marketing campaigns.

Armed with this information, you will identify different ways to make the most out of automation and deliver great buying experiences for your prospects. Let's get started.

1. Improving personalization

Your email marketing campaigns contribute to your potential customer’s buying experience. In addition to excellent email copy, your timing determines whether you’re going to stand out in today’s crowded inboxes or not.

Each email you send needs to contribute to the kind of experience your buyers are looking for.

With e-commerce sites having a 70% cart abandonment rate, potential customers will open and engage with your triggered product abandonment emails. These are critical to their buying experience because they need help to pay for a product they want to buy.

Given the number of potential customers you might lose during checkout, it's unproductive to rely on a manual follow-up process to help them address the issues that led to cart abandonment.

Here’s why:


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You can’t possibly cover all these issues while manually following up each time customers abandon their carts during checkout, right? Assuming a customer abandoned their cart while you were asleep, then there’s a high likelihood that you will miss that and forget to follow up.

Besides, each customer abandons their cart for different reasons, so you want to address their concerns individually. Your potential customers want a seamless shopping experience failure to which they will move on to another vendor.

Automating your product abandonment sequence allows you to deliver a seamless buying experience without being present to send each of these emails.

2. Creating brand trust

The goal of your email marketing campaign is to help your subscriber to know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

By the time a subscriber opts in for your emails, they already know you through the content on your blog, podcast, and social media pages. The next step is to get them to like and trust your brand.

The most effective way to build trust in 2021 is by starting your own podcast. Here are some tools to get started hosting and launching your podcast

53% of your buyers believe that trust is more important than the price of your products. Below are the elements that determine whether buyers will trust your brand:


CRM and Marketing Automation


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Great products and services alone won’t cut it anymore. You also need to have excellent ratings and reviews, among other features, to earn their trust.

Given that your customers rely on customer reviews to decide which brand they will buy from, you need to have an automated process to collect your customer reviews, which then feeds into your email campaigns.

If you’re an e-commerce store and make several sales a day, it is difficult to follow up with each customer for a rating or a review, especially if you’re using a marketplace like Amazon.

It's easier to schedule emails to go out 3-5 days after purchase, asking for a review and a rating from your customer.

By this time, your customer has started using the product they bought from you, so they’re in a better position to share their experiences without making things up.

Depending on your subscribers’ objections, your reviews come in handy to help you convince them to buy.

In addition to that, you can also create testimonial videos from the collected feedback to better showcase your product, evoke the right emotions, and convince more prospects.

On top of that, videos are also consumers’ favorite type of content with an excellent ROI.

Just be sure to perfect the quality with the right video marketing tools and add it to your automated email marketing campaign.


Email Marketing Campaigns


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Reviews and testimonial videos are a great source of content whenever you want to showcase your brand during your welcome email sequences by sharing what customers think about you and your brand.

3. Improving customer service

Customer service doesn't start once a customer complains to your customer service team.

It is an end-to-end activity that starts with you meeting your potential buyers where they are during their buyer’s journey by:

  • Answering the questions they have
  • Clearing their doubts about your product
  • Assisting them when they get stuck

With the emergence of different chatbot platforms and live chat tools, how would automation improve your email marketing campaigns? Here’s how.

33% of your customers evaluate the quality of service they receive by the number of interactions they have with you to solve their problems.


Reporting and Graphs


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A single interaction that solves their problem is more important because that means they won’t have to be handed over to another agent to explain their issues from scratch.

With email automation, you can reduce the number of issues your customer service team has to deal with. If you looked at each of the requests your customer service team handles, you’re likely to come across common questions that customers have and when these questions come up.

For example, if you’re running an e-commerce store and a customer just bought a product from you, you’ll find questions about:

  • Estimated time of arrival
  • What to do in case the product is damaged
  • How to set up or use the product for the first time

So, to improve your customer service, you want to use automation to run a post-purchase email campaign that anticipates these and other questions that customers have then answer them.

This way, you will have reduced the number of requests your customer service team deals with, making it easier for them to dedicate their energy to unusual requests.

In a B2B setting, a post-purchase series would involve onboarding and a quick chat with an account manager to help them set things up correctly. If you have a membership site (you can create one with our solution) for your customers, your series will also involve a few emails on how to use the community to interact with other customers.

4. Helping you stay efficient

A typical email marketing campaign will involve lots of planning and execution. These tasks take time, and you want to make sure that your email marketing experts are spending time on tasks that have the most ROI.

For example, scheduling a series of emails every other day isn't as crucial as A/B testing your emails to see which one works best.

Given that email marketing has become more competitive, you want to ensure that you keep on optimizing the elements that keep subscribers looking forward to your emails, such as your email copy and subject lines and different offers that help you retain your customers.

Besides, you want to effectively manage your sales team to be more efficient and hit their sales goals. Remote work is challenging, and employees find it hard to stay productive, so they need automation and collaboration software.


Customers and Marketing


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5. Retaining your customers

Your customers are your biggest asset, and email automation comes in handy to retain them in your business.

In a B2B setting, email automation will help retain customers by sending them a series of emails about new features in the product and content that helps them improve utilization of the product they are paying for.

Alternatively, create a survey with relevant questions using our intuitive form builder to help you know what features customers want in your product.

The information you get from your customers will help direct your team efforts, time, and resources to deliver these features.

In a B2C setting, retaining your customers using email automation comes through sending them regular emails about new products related to what they’ve bought in the past. Other brands take this a step further by sending birthday reminders and discounts.

Brands also reach out to customers who have not engaged with their emails for some time with special offers such as trials and discounts to keep them engaged with the brand’s emails.


Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of email automation’s impact on your email marketing campaigns.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to focus on critical elements of your email marketing campaigns and get rid of repeatable tasks which get in the way of full utilization of the automation tools you’re using.

And if you have any questions about email automation, don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at GreenRope.

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