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2020 Top Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to the hundreds of help articles, interactive guided walk-thrus, cheat sheets, and tutorial videos available in your GreenRope account, we thought we’d share a few of our top troubleshooting tips with you.

Roadblocks arise as when working within any software, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared with a few helpful tricks under your hat.

Here are our top troubleshooting tips: 

Seeing odd behavior within your account? 
Disable Plug-ins - Browser plug-ins and extensions (Coupon Clippers, VTiger, Skype, etc) have a lot of great uses, however they can also cause a lot of havoc within different web applications, such as GreenRope. If you find you are experiencing difficulties with different aspects of the system take a moment to make sure that any external browser plug-ins/extensions are disabled.

Look at the URLs below which walk you through clearing your cache and identifying your browser plug-ins/extensions for both Chrome and FireFox, below.

Extensions in FireFox -

Plug-ins in Chrome - 

Seeing outdated content in your account and/or test emails? 
Clear your cookies & cache - Cookies and cache memory make your browser experience easier, however they can also save outdated information. Seeing old images in your emailer or pages not loading correctly? Try clearing your cookies and cache memory to resolve the problem. For more information on Cookies & cache memory, what they are and who to clear them click here

Someone with Shared Access cannot login? 
Shared Access Permissions - If you are accessing the account as a shared access user and experiencing any problems logging in, please be sure to contact the account owner to update any necessary shared access permissions. 

Emails getting delivered to spam? 
DKIM/SPF - If you find your emails are ending up in spam folders it could be that you need to set up your DKIM and SPF records. This process can sometimes feel like a daunting task but don’t worry because we’ve created this detailed cheat sheet to help you set up your records correctly. 

Are your images being resized in emails? 
Image Size - Adding images to your content is a powerful visual effect that can grab the attention of your recipients which will lead to more conversions. At times you may find your images look differently in your editor vs. what some of your contacts see. This is likely caused by altering the images inside your account before sending it out. In some cases the email client used to view the email will revert the image back to their original size, this is particularly common with Outlook users. The best solution for this problem is to update your images to the correct size outside the system before adding it to your content email template.

Are your automations not triggering immediately? 
Triggers - Every email sent through the system first gets put  into the holding queue to wait their turn to be sent. This process can take 5-10 minutes to complete. Wait 5-10 minutes then check again, refresh your browser, and you’ll most likely see the trigger has been activated. 

Not seeing the most recent system updates?
Logout - GreenRope is constantly updating to ensure we continue to provide the best possible complete CRM on the market. Due to these continual updates and upgrades, it is important to always remember to logout at the end of each day. This way any changes made to the network will be reflected within your account the next morning and you can work in confidence knowing you have the most updated version of GreenRopes at your fingertips. 

Need more help?
GreenRope Support - Still experiencing problems that cannot be resolved with these tips or the help articles? Contact us! We have an amazing support team that is ready to answer any of your questions to help you overcome any hiccup you may be experiencing. We have a ton of tricks up our sleeves and will make sure you are up and running in no time.

Join our monthly Q&A sessions to ask questions and learn more about using and optimizing your GreenRope account. 


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