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Create a Converting Landing Page in GreenRope

By Tatiana Ceresa

Landing pages are a great way to acquire new leads and contacts from page visitors. Each landing page you create should have a clear end goal: To make the visitor take some action (i.e. download an ebook, sign up for a demo, or perhaps, buy an exclusive report). In any case, your landing pages should be concise, to the point, and relevant to the action you want the visitor to take. In one sentence, your landing page is a highly specified sales pitch (and usually part of a campaign) for a particular product or service you provide.

Here is the step-by-step process for creating landing pages in GreenRope (with an extra help section for creating your designated signup form).

  1. Specify your group

First, choose the group you want to create your campaign in. If your landing page contains an ebook signup, then maybe you will create it in your new leads group.

  1. Set your General settings:

     - Input the following: (make use of the question marks for more detailed instruction)

  • Your website URL
  • Custom Website Domain
  • Brief Group Description
  • Searchable Keywords

landing page - general

  1. Set your Design settings:

You can either choose a layout template or you can create your own (in which case you choose ‘Blank landing page’ as your layout option).

landing page design

  1. Set your Page settings

- Page name: This is the name of the page that will appear in the navigation menu for your website. Remember that your navigation area is small, so you'll want a short name for all of your pages.

- Navigation: You can build pages that aren't shown in the website navigation area by selecting "Do not show in navigation" here. This is especially useful when your landing page is part of a PPC campaign, for example.

- Direct link: This is the direct URL for the landing page. It should correspond directly with the headline and content.

landing page settings

  1. The creative elements

Everyone has their own idea of good looking landing pages, however, in my experience with conversions, the more simple and direct, the better. You want to include:

  • A headline that matches your call to action
  • A subhead (1 sentence) making the headline more compelling
  • A small block of text or bullets explaining what the visitor will learn or gain from the action they’re about to take
  • A visual element (slider or video) illustrating the benefits of what you are offering in a more engaging way
  • An easy, clean signup form

Here is what one of our landing page looks like. This has been effective in our PPC campaign. The call to action? Guess! Sign up for a free demo with one of our sales team members.

landing page example


Sign Up Form

While everyone has their own opinions on sign up form placement, I like it to be on the right side of the page – right next to the content (not below). This works because the eye can easily gaze at the important information on the left and navigate straight to the form.

  1. Design

Choose your sign up form template. You can customize the call to action button, which should match the theme of your brand or the page, itself.

  1. Group

You will then want to associate your form with a designated group, which should be the same as the landing page.

  1. Information

Make sure that you are only asking necessary information of your leads. If they have too much information then chances are they won’t fill out the form.

Now that you have a brief overview of the landing page and signup forms, check out more detailed resources:

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