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Beginner Basics: Lead Scoring

By Rachel Lawson

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a measurable way to keep track of your sales prospects and their interest in your product or service. Using a point system, you can assign values to prospect activities and behaviors, which gives you a more complete view of all your leads.

Why use Lead Scoring and what are its benefits?

Using lead scoring is a great way to save you and your company time, money, and effort. Lead scoring systemizes the way you analyze your sales opportunities. The numerical representations (scores) show you how close or far you are to securing a sale. Lead scores allow you to determine sales potential, nurture prospects, and pass qualified leads to sales reps. It gives you a clear cut representation of who your hottest prospects are and takes the guess work out of the sales process. We don't like guessing. 

How is it applied?

Apply lead scoring to various activities that your prospects can engage in. Some possible activities include: opening emails, viewing certain pages, watching videos, and so on. Once you assign each activity to a certain value in your CRM. For example, you can assign 1 point for opening an email and 5 points for clicking a webinar link. In other words, the closer that the activity is to securing a sale, the more points it is assigned. 


Tracking your leads using lead scoring gives you a better understanding of interests and prospect behavior. You have the ability to see which contacts have the highest lead scored and their corresponding activities. This gives you the opportunity to create personalized messages specifically tailored to those interests. Create follow up messages, relevant content, and offers to prospects that have the highest lead scores. The information you fet from tracking can determine which steps to take to nurture prospects down the sales funnel and determine your predictive analytics. 

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