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July 2023 GreenRope System Updates

Get ready to sizzle this summer with scorching hot updates to the GreenRope system in July! Embracing the season's heat, we have turned up the temperature on our features, leaving users feeling positively "sun-struck" with delight! Check out this season's bright updates!


Invoice line items can now have unit costs set to 4 figures after the decimal point (e.g., $0.0015 per unit) and will automatically truncate if only using the first two digits (e.g., $1.00 instead of showing $1.0000) for better readability

CRM Invoices

Added "Set as Account Address" as a quick add to shipping address when editing purchase orders


Upgraded AI to use Chat GPT-4 model


Communicate > SMS - all inbound SMS messages can now trigger a workflow

SMS Communication


Contacts > Reports > CRM Activities - new report under Engagement to see contacts and companies with no future activities scheduled

CRM Activities

To-Do List

Dashboard > To-Do List and Contacts > View CRM > To-Do List both new have a + Me button that allows quick adding a CRM activity to the user as a task / to-do item

View CRM


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