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Use Your CRM Data for Holiday Marketing

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By Alessandra Ceresa

Your CRM is a powerful tool. It collects and houses valuable data about your leads and clients. It is a treasure chest of information allowing you to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your contacts. However, too many people view their CRM as a database rather than a fountain of knowledge to build a better customer experience. So, this holiday season, why not put your CRM to work for you and start connecting with your customers, not just selling to them.

A complete CRM platform automatically integrates data such as website visits, purchases, conversions, reads/clicks, and much more. This data is a gold mine for your holiday marketing campaigns, so don’t just let it sit there. Here are a few ways to make this information work for you!

User-defined data

What’s the point of putting the effort into collecting data if you aren’t going to use it? Many CRMs allow you to house a plethora of custom user-defined fields. What does this mean? For example, if you are an outdoor retailer looking to promote all of your winter gear, you definitely want to know whether your customer skis or snowboards. This could be an “Interests” field in your CRM. If they ski, do not send them promotional emails on snowboard gear. Use filters to identify your skiers, and create a campaign just for them. Targeted content like this increases your chance for conversions, and let’s your customer know that you understand their needs and wants.

Website visits

Tracking your website visits is like following a customer around a retail store. You see exactly what they are looking for, and can then make recommendations based on their path. Set up tracking on your site, and make use of realtime alerts to get notified when a lead/customer is poking around your site. These alerts let you send out time-sensitive specials or promos to those that are currently interested in your products or services. Strike while the iron is hot, right?

Tip: Create templated emails that you can easily send with one click. This saves time, but still allows you to customize the email if you need to.

Conversions and Purchases

If you sell online or have set up any sort of conversion tracking then use this information to send out targeted emails and campaigns. For example, if someone has purchased skis from you in the past, then you may want to send them a deal you are having on ski boots. Knowing what your customer has purchased in the past helps make your content more relevant to them, therefore building a more trusting relationship.

The same goes for any conversions. If a person downloads an ebook or signs up for a free trial, you can easily setup automatic emails to follow up with that contact providing them with more information about your product or service in a timely manner. Because their past conversions or purchases are stored in your CRM, you are able to reach out to them in the future with other content, promotions, and specials that are relevant to them in particular. This makes it more likely they will buy from you over and over again.

So, this holiday season, instead of simply sending out mass broadcasts, check out your CRM and start creating targeted, more customized campaigns for your users. The information is already there, so don’t let it go to waste. You are only stunting your success if you do. 


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