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Remote Confessions

While millions of people worldwide are still working from home due to the pandemic, GreenRope has been fully remote since we launched in 2010. Our team has been living that pandemic lifestyle since before working remotely was cool, when people didn’t understand how hard remote working could be, and when people still bought pants to wear regularly. With some of our team members having been remote for over a decade, we have a lot of little dirty WFH secrets, and it is time to spill the beans! 

I asked our team a series of anonymous survey questions, prompting them to confess their deep dark dirty remote secrets. The responses were HILARIOUS. 

Where We WFH

In a pre-pandemic world when I told people I worked from home they would scoff as if that meant I didn’t work as hard because I did it from home [in my pajamas]. The reality is “work from home” sometimes means “work all the time”. When work is so easily accessible and intertwined with our personal lives the work/life balance can easily get skewed. On the other hand, it can also make work more fun when you can literally work from anywhere. So, how far would you go to meet a deadline without the constraints of a traditional work environment? 


From the kitchen to vacation, we are a team rich in devotion. We have perfected the work/life balance. Wondering where our team is now? We might be surfing, grocery shopping, walking the dog, or flying a plane. It doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do and can do it from anywhere in the world! 

WFH Habits

Working from home also paves the way for cooky behavior. We start doing things we normally would never do thanks to the isolation no one ever talks about. We create idiosyncrasies due to a lack of social interactions and it often feels like we cannot function the same way the rest of “normal” society works. 


GreenRope exceeds a “normal” CRM and we, as a team, have no intentions of leading an ordinary work life! Who needs pants to develop and support an amazing platform? NOT US! 

WFH Breaks

Let me ease your mind and assure you that we aren’t crazy all the time. Following that odd behavior, an AH-HA moment often follows and we *usually* take action. 


WFH Office

While working from home we might not wear pants but we do wear a lot of hats. Our home office is our responsibility, there is no janitorial service and as a result, the average WFH desk can get cluttered and in some cases just plain gross! 


WFH Misses

I wanted to know what the team was missing from working in a traditional office environment, the answers were clear that aside from missing interactions with other live people, nothing was missed! 


WFH Hardships

I cannot express this next part enough, WORKING FROM HOME IS HARD!!!!!!! My first year working remotely I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, at my desk, and ate everything in my fridge. I quickly realized working from home was not going to be as easy as I had assumed! I quit smoking that year and I work hard every day to avoid kitchen grazing.  


Behind the WFH Camera

Every week we have a team meeting on Zoom. I wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes when the cameras and microphones are turned off.


WFH Confessions

To conclude this fun confessional survey I asked everyone for their deepest darkest confession or anecdote. All I can say is, good thing this was an anonymous survey! 


What started as a fun experiment to see what people are doing while working in their homes, brought our already tight team even closer. Bonding on our weekly meeting about zoom antics and trying to guess each other’s deep dark confessions. 

Now that the remote working lifestyle is more relatable we have made it our mission to help other companies and their teams continue to be successful as they transition into a permanent WFH environment. GreenRope, a complete CRM, brings your sales, marketing, and operations teams together in one easy to use system that is accessible to everyone on your team, regardless of where they are located.


[This entire blog was written & edited while wearing pajamas]


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