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How CRM Makes You Money

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It is not secret; a CRM system makes your business better. It systemizes and adds process for transparency, consistency, and enhanced collaboration within your organization. The more you use your CRM, the stronger your business becomes.

Here are 5 ways you make more money with a CRM in place.


1. More consistent sales process

Develop workflows for each part of your business. Create new lead workflows which contain multiple follow up tasks, as well as personal emails and other sales related nurturing activities.

When you create workflows, you create a consistent sales process. Not a lead slips through the cracks. Why? Because your process is automated, you are notified when you have an upcoming or overdue activity.

The more you engage with your leads, the more likely you are to develop a relationship and potentially make a sale.


2. Lead scoring telling you, who’s hot and who’s not

Lead scoring literally tells you which of your leads are interested in your product or service. It gives you a score based on lead activity and demographic information. Sales people can focus on the leads that are actively engaging with your brand. Take control of that low hanging fruit; understand which leads are hot and which need more nurturing.


3. Accurate data, so you don’t look silly

Accurate data about your leads and customers lets your learn more about them and build better relationships. Knowing where your customers live, their pain points, and other demographic information gives you ammo for personalizing your follow up and sales pitch. If you have the wrong data, you run the risk of embarrassing yourself and your customers.

When you show you know the customer, they begin to trust you, resulting in a better relationship and more closed deals.


4. Automated and personalized emails

Automating some of your follow up makes the sales process a little less painless. You can also use data to personalize your follow up, so it looks like it is coming directly from a salesperson and contains information the lead or customer needs to help make their decision about your business.

Manual lead nurturing is just too much when you have tons of leads coming in. Again, with more touch points, you avoid letting leads slip through the cracks, while providing them with relevant information to guide them down the sales funnel.


5. Always be closing

A CRM system acts as a second brain, so use it. Between your workflows, contact records, custom user-defined fields, lead scoring, automated emails, and more, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a full 360 view of your leads and customers. The more you know, the better you are able to see and the more sales you make.


CRM is a tool that can significantly contribute to an increased revenue stream. If you want to streamline your business, create consistent processes, and sell more, invest in CRM and make sure your team uses it to its full potential.




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