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November 2022 System Updates

We have so much to be thankful this year! Our clients and the feedback we receive from them every day to help us better the GreenRope system is at the top of our gratitude list. Do you have feedback about the system? We want to hear from you, email us and let us know.


Contact Details > CRM Panel > Invoices - at the top of the list of invoices is a selector that will show total number and value of invoices for lifetime/year to date/month to date 

Contacts > Reports > Filter - new filtering on tags associated with contact 

Account Settings

Settings > Account > Settings > Ticket settings - can choose whether to show user field data in closed tickets for ticket opener 

Settings > Account > Settings > Contact Data Settings - allow only Power Users the ability to change their Visibility when looking at contact details 

Settings > Account > Contact Data settings - when adding new files, you can by default set whether those files should be shared by all company contacts 


Website > Lead Finder - new tool to gather contacts from website visitors, available to Power Users 


Contacts > Reports > Opportunities - opportunity field filters support an additional filter case with and/or option 

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Contacts > Reports > Opportunities > Win/Loss Outcomes - chart now shows profits won/lost by reason as an overlay 

Settings > Opportunities - toggle the ability to show/hide close date information in Kanban card, activate workflow today if the proposal date is in a phase of an opportunity 


Invoices can now have a shipment date field if shipping applies to the invoice. You can also activate a workflow before the shipment date defined on the invoice.

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