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December Updates

The tree is being taken down, ornaments and stockings put away, holiday cheer and merriment switching gears toward celebrating the ringing in of the new year. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2021 we are excited to share with you all the newest features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in December: 


Private Labeling Links - You can now set up private label links by hovering over Settings > selecting Account > under Account Settings add your domain to the “Private Label Domain” filed. By default, when you send an email out, links are sent through the domain, making them third party cookies which are now being blocked by most browsers. 

Using your own private domain,, you can private label these links. Meaning, all links sent through your GreenRope account will not have the GreenRope name associated with them. Converting the third party cookies associated with those images/links into first party cookies that will not be blocked. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to update your DNS first so that the has a "CNAME" record pointing to


Account Settings with Private Label Link highlighted



The new displays the date the email is scheduled for delivery, available on the Merge feature of the Emailer. 

Example: gets converted to Monday, December 28, 2020 upon sending. 


Text editor with Merge button highlighted


We are happy to announce a few new editions to the EasyBuilder template library. These new templates include: Happy Holidays, Catalog Savings, E-Book Announcement, and Cyber Sale.


4 EasyBuilder templates



You can now search for contacts that have a specific birthday by going to Contacts > View - Filters - Birthdate, use the new selector "matching" to identify contacts with that exact birthday. 


Filter/Search with Birthday matching filter


Contacts > View - Filters (left side) - new "order by" option "Random" which randomly orders contact list results, this is a great feature to use for prize drawing, the sort function will randomize the contacts giving you an easy way to identify a prize winner. 


Filter/Search section with order by option highlighted



You can now trigger workflows for companies! A company workflow can either set a company user field to a specific value or append data to a company user field. 

To set up a company workflow, go to the Workflow Manager under the Automation tab, and select Create New Workflow. Define the workflow name, notes, groups, etc., and save. Once your workflow is saved, a new tab will appear called Company Activation. In this tab you will select to Add and/or Append data to Company user fields. As a reminder, workflows can also send alerts to specific contacts.

Company workflows can be triggered in two ways: 

In the Company Record, you will see a +Workflow button at the top. Click on this to activate a new company workflow.


Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 7.19.36 PM.png

Hit the +Workflow button to trigger a company workflow.


With a user field trigger that you set up in the Contacts > User Fields section of your account. User fields hold pertinent data about contacts within your account. You can create as many custom user fields as you need.


Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 4.07.00 PM.png


Please note: We've added a new user field trigger called [[NONBLANK]]. Use this placeholder to trigger a workflow when a non-blank field changes to another value. 



All accounts now have separate fields for Media Library storage allowed (Max Storage) and the amount that's available for free (default is 1GB). 





A new filter for tasks listed on the Kanban board now lets you see which tasks are overdue or due today.  



Apps > Projects - project updates are emailed using the "From" defined by Emails Sent From Name/Email defined in Group Settings > Email/Web Options, if they're defined 



In the ticketing area of every contact’s CRM Activities page is now an option to see all tickets opened by the contact and includes two checkboxes to show/hide open & closed tickets. 





Booking Calendar and Public Calendars for websites - adaptive calendar rendering in list view if < 765px screen width on both initial load and screen resizing



Survey responses - We’ve recently adjusted the way survey responses are stored. They are not separated by broadcast ID, which allows for multiple surveys to be taken by the same person again and again, but will affect response reporting in aggregate. 

Communicate > Surveys - page layout slightly updated so left side elements are always visible and don't scroll down the page and we removed Surveys header text to give more screen room.




Signup Forms

Website > Signup Forms > Options - new place to enter a comma-separated, list of IP addresses that can bypass the form submission rate limit.            

These IP addresses can be found for your users by using helpful tools like





We are excited to have recently improved the translation in this area of the system for multiple different languages.




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