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Fall is finally here! The sound of leaves crunching under foot, and the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere we go, it is officially sweater weather! As we move into the colder weather our GreenRope developers have made some amazing updates to the system that are sure to keep you warm all winter long!    

Here are your September 2021 GreenRope system updates: 


Contacts > Reports > Conversions - a new Line Chart with Labels option has been added that allows you to see the graph totals on the various charts.

Contacts > Reports > Conversions - two new charts are now available to show the average conversion values, for the selected date range and by month. 



Calendar Settings > Booking Calendar - Only interested in allowing clients to book appointment slots on the weekdays? We added a  new selector to show/hide weekends for public-facing booking calendars.

Calendar Settings > Booking Calendar - added the email from name/email address to be used for booking calendar information, this address is managed in the group settings.

If your account is set with a 24 hour time display, the booking calendar  will display time slots in 24-hour time format. Clock is set by going to Settings > Account > Settings > Regional Settings. 



EasyBuilder - We recently added support for changing folder names when clicking the Open/Templates dialog and mousing over the folder name, click the pencil to edit, and be sure to save your changes. 


Account Settings

Settings > Account Settings > CRM Activity Settings - You can now specify a default "upon completion" workflow for each activity type.

Account Settings > Shared Access > When granting shared access you can now add pictures to your invitation. 


Automation > Workflow Manager - Make sending alters a lot easier by including notes.


Automation > Workflow Manager - Use the new checkbox to show/hide activities associated with workflow.


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