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November 2023 System Updates



Contacts > User Fields - the import tool has been updated to include new fields we have added to the user field definitions (e.g., instructions text, use with AI, and logic), and a new export tool has been added to be able to export all user fields 

Contact details - new play icon at the top (next to the weather) you can click to get an AI-generated audio summary of recent activities related to the contact


Website builder > Video plugin in WYSIWYG editor - new button for Vimeo videos that automatically adds tracking script along with video Iframe 


Settings > Calendar - histogram of number of events by type now has date filtering


Dashboard - new audio personalized daily summary next to the Welcome banner

AI Integration 

The new AI Chatbot is now available in beta (under the Communicate tab) 

Email EasyBuilder 

Updated EasyBuilder templates - Modern Showcase, Modern Business, Marketing Agency 2 



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