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Marketing Automation Workflows to Boost Conversions

Effective marketing is the key to running a successful business. Marketing automation workflows are a vital part of this. They build customer and client relationships.

If implemented correctly, automation strategies can save time for your firm and boost conversions. Whether B2B or B2C, automated marketing can bring your office into the future. And give you an edge on your competitors.

If it's via email or a VoIP phone service, they can help create personalized experiences. As well as perform communications on a large scale. Here are eight automation methods that can turbo-charge conversions and help your business soar.

Welcome New Email Subscribers

Much like starting a new job, it’s important to create a good first impression with new subscribers. Like a virtual handshake (if anyone remembers those), they allow you to establish your tone.

Let your new subscribers know what to expect. How often will they receive communications from you? What benefits will they get now they are part of your exclusive subscribers-only club? Offer a welcome discount. Welcome them like you’re opening the doors to a top-secret society. Butlers, flamingoes, and fountains included.

Engage customers before gracing their inboxes with sales, create digital magazines or present new product descriptions. An automated marketing welcome email adds a personal touch. It directly communicates to new contacts, without you having to send individual emails.

Nurture Your Leads

Nurturing sales leads from the early stages of their journey with your brand can bring great results. A well-planned lead nurturing marketing automation campaign will encourage a buyer to keep purchasing.

It can also create a personalized experience that would make it more likely for them to return.

You can nurture leads through marketing automation workflows that track behavior and patterns. This begins from the moment a prospect subscribes to emails. Offer special discounts, provide exclusive content, and see how they engage.

Without being pushy, send follow-up emails or utilize SMS marketing tools that can lead to potential sales conversions.

Keep Your Most Loyal Customers

Don’t neglect your longest-serving customers. In a dreamy slow-motion montage, think when their custom helped set your foundations.

There are many ways an automated workflow can help them feel special. Keep email communications tailored to their needs. Offer sales phone calls to provide a customized experience using a VoIP phone system.

Track satisfaction to ensure interest levels in your business remain. And make sure to effectively follow up on any negative or positive feedback.

A triggered campaign focuses on the interests of your customers. It allows you to respond in a relevant way.


Source: metadosi


Close the Deal

There aren’t many sadder sights than an abandoned shopping cart. Think of the lost potential and of all the items it could currently be wheeling toward the checkout.

An abandoned online shopping basket has the same missed potential, but is much easier to fix. In fact, according to Sale Cycle, abandoned cart emails have twice the average open rate. This is compared to standard email campaigns. Almost like a 'look what you could have won' moment from a game show.

This workflow starts from the moment a customer reaches checkout. It is triggered after a set amount of time passes without completing a sale.

You can choose what happens next. Gently send a reminder. Offer an incentive for them to complete the order. Kindly guide them back to the cart.

Score New Leads

A lead-scoring automation workflow is an effective way to set up potential conversions. By assessing data that shows buyers’ previous behaviors, you can gain important insight.

Think of it in the same way as how to get investors for a startup. Get to know which prospects are the most effective to pursue. Discover which will bring the most profits.

Lead generation automation focuses on certain behaviors. It allows you to score prospective buyers before targeting your workflow at them.


Source: Email Monday


Make Recommendations to Subscribers

Maintaining subscribers is the same as keeping a connected workforce. Good communication, organization, relatability, and variation are vital attributes of both.

Keep customers connected with your company by creating a tailored automated workflow. Suggest relevant content or purchases. But don’t overload them with what you think they would like.

You could also send links to industry-related tips. Or links to downloadable content. It shows that your company can offer more value to the customer.

Make sure such campaigns are customized to the buyer’s needs. A more personal feel is likely to boost conversions.

Keep Your List Tidy

Adding a re-opt-in process to your automation is an effective conversion booster.

Although initially removing subscribers, it lowers unsubscribe rates and keeps up engagement rates. Furthermore, it gives you a higher sender score.

A good place to start the workflow is with customers who haven’t opened an email for a while. An email then gets sent asking them to opt back in. This gives them time to decide.

If there is no response to this, then you can remove them from your list. It keeps things nice and neat to boot.


Keep up with ever-changing client and customer demand by offering new products. Step up from a previous sale with upgrades. Start and encourage further conversions.

Let’s say some of your clients use a small business phone system you have provided. A dynamic automated workflow can be set up to gather these clients. You can then target upgrades and upsells. Additionally, it can be set up to sell add-ons not before purchased, such as headsets.

Use this workflow as a way of offering solutions and building trust.


Source: slideshare


There are many ways to boost all-important conversions. Customers and clients alike can be grouped by behaviors, which makes things easier to set up.

Communication is key to every business. A smooth set of marketing automation workflows will keep yours on top. This will save you heaps of time too, which, let’s face it, is a huge plus nowadays.


John Allen - RingCentral US

John Allen, Director, Global SEO at RingCentral, a global UCaaS, VoIP and audio conferencing provider. He has over 14 years of experience and an extensive background in building and optimizing digital marketing programs. 


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