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GreenRope's Marketing Automation Platform makes SelectHub's Leaderboard!



GreenRope just keeps climbing the charts! We are so excited about making it onto SelectHub's Leaderboard. SelectHub helps businesses evaluate technology. They provide in-depth profiles and guidance when selecting the right technology for your needs. GreenRope just happens to be on the top of the list! 
"SelectHub’s leaderboard is formulated through a careful review of a collection of resources. The leaderboard includes a combination of in-house vendor research conducted by our analyst team, content provided directly by vendors, data from third-party review websites and also data and evaluations gathered from IT research firms."
SelectHub’s analyst team carefully examines the resources and compiles our leaderboard consisting of rankings, features and tools which assist decision makers in their navigation of the software selection and purchasing process."
Those words are straight from the horse's mouth. So, thank you SelectHub for including us on your leaderboard!

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