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June 2023 Updates

June 2023 System Updates

Dashboard Updates

We’ve made multiple changes to the dashboard recently, including six new special widgets: 

  1. When customizing the dashboard a new widget is available for showing events from a group 
  2. A new widget available for compact dashboard to show quotes, invoices, and purchase order due or shipping dates
  3. Another compact dashboard widget shows quote, invoice, or purchase order totals by use
  4. In compact view a widget for custom object totals in pie chart form is now available
  5. Show a pie chart of the amounts generated by invoices by SKU in the compact view
  6. Top invoice clients widget available in company dashboard view

Settings Updates

Settings > Group - each group can use a separate set of API keys for charging store transactions 

Website Updates

Websites - when building websites, if you want to allow your website to render in an iframe that is a different domain, you must allow the domains specifically using the new field labeled Allow Iframe in Domain(s) in the website manager to bypass new browser content limitation protocols 

Custom Object Updates

Apps > Custom Objects > Search Objects - new Uncheck All / Check All links to made selecting / deselecting all the attributes easier 

Contact Updates

Contacts > Cold - the contact results from clicking on the chart are now in a rendered table with built-in export if export permissions are granted 

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