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4 Tips for Taking Your Business Digital in 2021

2020 was all about going digital, and businesses that are yet to establish a digital presence will struggle to compete both locally and internationally. While many forward-thinking businesses have been doing this for years, there is a percentage of businesses that find themselves stuck and unsure where to start. They had never needed a true digital presence until 2020.

A McKinsey Digital survey reveals that about 70% of businesses that attempt digital transformation usually run into problems. To avoid this, business leaders and owners are now looking for the best tips and practices for going digital in 2021. Fortunately, the same survey reports that companies that employ the right tactics and plan adequately will have a smooth transformation.You know that you need it, but What are the best practices for successful digital transformation? Here are four key fundamental steps to get you started:

1.    Focus on Leadership

A top-bottom approach is key to a successful digital transformation. Your leadership team must first believe in the strategy, tactics, and vision. If they don't, no one else will, and digital transformation won't happen.

However, if they create and spearhead a culture of change and innovation, the enthusiasm and focus on digitization will trickle down to the employees. Leaders must actively, and on a daily basis, show commitment in realizing the transformation goal. 

Similarly, don't assume that your team understands what digital transformation is all about; talk about it, have meetings, and create a culture that focuses on the new. When they ask questions, it is your responsibility to clear the air and clarify everything in detail. The key here is to offer real answers with data to back it up. 

2.    Use the Right Technology

Without technology, it's virtually impossible to go digital. Invest in CRM, and better yet, a complete CRM that integrates all aspects of your business into one solution the entire team can use.  A complete CRM manages and tracks your customer behavior throughout the entire lifecycle, from awareness to conversion and beyond, making it one of the most important pieces of tech you can have. In fact, it is the foundation of any successful digital transformation program.

Note that silos no longer work, and you must therefore focus on integration. Ensure a holistic and seamless customer experience, not a fragmented one. This can be achieved if your customer service, sales, and marketing departments are on the same page, working in the same system with the same data. 

In digital transformation, data is the currency, and all teams depend on it. Collect, clean, and manage your data effectively to better personalize your communication and build real targeted messaging.

3.    Monitor your Efforts

You should continuously monitor the impact of your digitization efforts on your bottom line. This will let you if you're on the right path. One of the core objectives of all digital transformation initiatives is to improve customer experience. Are your customers happy with the new processes and technology? 

Listen to them through surveys and get more insight by monitoring your lead conversions, website visits, automated lead nurturing, and more.  

Digital transformation is not a set it and forget it strategy. As a business, it’s important to constantly evolve, test, review, and test again. The goal of digital transformation is not only to more effectively connect with your customers, but also to streamline your internal processes. Is that happening? Are there disconnects in your process, or with the customer experience? Test each piece of the puzzle. 

4.    Learn how to manage a virtual/remote workforce.

In 2020 the number of remote workers increased by 27% to hit an all-time of 44%. This trend is here to stay, and people will continue to work from home. The success of your digital transformation efforts, therefore, hinges on your ability to make these remote workers successful.

As earlier stated, using the right technology is key. For instance, an integrated or a complete CRM allows your entire team to access the same database. Therefore, each team member has access, as determined by you, to all the data they need and always has up-to-date, real-time information from all departments.  

Face-to-face meetings will also still be important, and you should host them regularly to cushion your team from zoom burnout. However, ensure they are not too many and that all of them are relevant.  All meetings should have a positive impact on your team's overall productivity.  

Use a project manager to track employee tasks and projects. This allows visibility into what everyone is working on and therefore keeps the team more engaged and accountable. 

A remote workforce can be a highly productive workforce if managed properly and with the right technology.

We Can Help

Taking your business digital in 2021 should not be stressful. It's not as complicated as it may sound. If you are stuck or even wondering where to start, we are here to help. At GreenRope, we are leaders in digital transformation, and we'll guide you step by step through the process. Contact us today for assistance and take your business to the next level.  


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