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How to Identify your CRM Champion


CRM implementation success takes planning and strategy. Appointing a CRM Champion is the best way to ensure your entire team in on boarded and trained properly.

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Selecting the right CRM Champion increases usage and success, as they spearhead trainings, granting access, troubleshooting tips, and more. They act as a centralized knowledge base for your team, so CRM becomes easy and, wait for it, even enjoyable!

A CRM Champion:

Understands technology

CRM is software technology, therefore, the team member you choose to spearhead this project must be familiar with technology and understand the benefits. He/she should be very comfortable with navigating a software program and speak the ‘tech’ language. This will make them much more efficient, as well as a better teacher for the entire team.

Frequently communicates with your entire team

CRM is a team effort. Each department should be integrated into the platform. Why? Because marketing, customer service, operations, AND sales all need access to a 360 view of your customers. Because each department must be on boarded, your CRM Champion needs to be familiar with each department, as well as friendly face around the office.

Stays organized

Just like any project, organization can make or break the end result. With so many moving parts, organization is critical for successful CRM implementation. Project management skills and an attention to detail are two traits that will come in very handy during the process.

Thinks strategically

You do not just throw a bunch of ideas around and see what sticks. Instead, CRM implementation takes careful planning and strategy. A strategic thinker has the ability to asses, view, and create a plan for the future. It is important to look at all of your processes and plan how you are going to use a CRM and roll out each feature or step in the onboarding process.

Loves a challenge

It isn’t always easy to coordinate multiple moving pieces, especially when it involves both technology and people. Regardless of how user-friendly the system is, you need someone who is willing to take on the task of bringing all of the essential components together. They have to be prepared to deal with those that resist, technological errors, and much more.

Has patience

Don’t expect your implementation to be an overnight process. It takes time, and can be accompanied by an obstacle or two. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to onboarding your team, customizing the software, and making it work for you and your business. A CRM Champion should understand that jumping in both feet first is not the strategic way to implement your platform. Instead, there needs to be a process. This takes time. Time requires patience.

Possesses leadership skills

This is probably one of the most important traits your CRM Champion should possess. They are going to be the person in charge of making your team feel comfortable with the system, while customizing it and making it work for your business needs. They need to have a vision for the implementation, as well as the respect of your entire team.

Think carefully when choosing your CRM Champion. The right person can create an environment for your entire team to succeed with this new technology. However, ensure the person you choose is ready and enthusiastic about the process. Positivity and enthusiasm spreads like a wildfire, and for a CRM to work, everyone must be on board and ready to use the system.

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