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Creating Lead Generating Signup Forms

By Madison Potter

Having prospects land on your website is not enough, you need a simple way to collect their information and continue the personalized nurturing to convert them to paying clients. Signup Forms create a seamless connection and are an integral part of your lead generation efforts. 

Signup Form Best Practices

Signup forms convert visitors into leads, and we all want more leads, right?

Signup forms make it easy for you to gather, store, and trigger automation from the people visiting your website. How are you collecting lead information if you do not have a signup form on your website?

Review this article for a step-by-step guide with best practices for setting up your signup form, help identify your form purpose, and the types of information you should be collecting.

Design and Build Your Signup Form 

Now that you have an idea of the type of form you’re creating, let’s discuss the build and design of your form to appeal to visitors and encourage them to share their valuable information with you. In GreenRope, there are a few ways to create a custom form for your website:

  1. The EasyBuilder provides a drag and drop option for those who need a simple and effective form on their site. This allows you to insert any user field into the form, specify any mandatory fields to be filled out, and adding contacts into a particular group.
  2. Using one of the system templates can be a great starting point to quickly have an appealing signup form on your site. By deactivating the EasyBuilder, you’ll have access to 30+ responsive form designs to start from and you can also connect to your webpage for a template.
  3. Adding additional CSS code helps to further customize your form to match the style and design of your website. In GreenRope, you can add custom CSS code or link directly to your CSS style sheet.

Learn more about creating and setting up your signup forms, watch our latest webinar here. 

Customize Your CTA

Your Call-To-Action (CTA) button matters! It’s the driving force that encourages your website visitors to take the desired action on your form, to submit it. With GreenRope’s Signup Forms, you can customize your CTA button to maximize the response rates with your form. 

When designing your CTA, you want to use wording that aligns with the offer at hand. For example, is the lead downloading a report, subscribing to your newsletter, or joining your mailing list? Make sure the verbiage you use is consistent with their intent for providing you their information. 

Also, use colors that compliment your brand and stand out from the other style designs used on your webpage. Colors can invoke different emotions, so be sure to use the color that reflects the type of response you’re looking for. A study done by researchers at the University of British Columbia, shares how the “psychology of colors” can really play a role in how your brand is perceived. For example, blue was shown to improve creativity, whereas red was shown to increase memory and attention to detail.

You’ve probably seen at least one infographic like this before, but many marketers are using these guidelines to maximize the success of their CTAs and encouraging the desired action.  Find a color that has ample contrast with the background you’re working on, this improves visibility. 



PRO TIP: Maximize the contrast between the CTA button and the background you’re working on. We know that a more prominent, eye-catching call-to-action results in more conversions. So work with colors that increase the visibility of your Call-To-Action and should see a substantial increase in your conversions. Here’s an example of a great contrasting CTA.


(Image via Dribble.)


Embedding the Signup Form on your Site

With lead generation, the goal is to collect your website visitor’s information. The placement of your form is important to encourage visitors to sign up and learn more about your services. 

To embed GreenRope’s form on your website, you have the following options:

  • Link Method: A direct link to your signup form that can be embedded into any button on your website or email communications.
  • HTML Form Method: Use the HTML Source code to modify and/or embed the form into your site.
  • Iframe: The Iframe is the most popular method of embedding the entire form inside an inline frame (iframe) and puts that inside your website.
  • Floating Iframe: Use the floating Iframe if you want to hide the form to the side of your page.
  • Add Time Delay Pop-Up: You can make the form pop up on a screen after a certain amount of time, for example, 10 seconds.

Automating New Lead Nurturing Series

Once the lead comes through the signup form, what do you want to happen? Now that you’ve collected your lead’s details, it’s important to continue the nurturing process to convert them into paying clients. A few ways you can enhance your customer experience within the form include:

  1. Custom Thank You URL once the form has been submitted. This is a great place to remind your new lead to check their email inbox and confirm their intent to join your group. 
  2. The Confirmation Email is used with double opt-in forms as it asks the new lead to verify their email is valid and confirms their interest. When creating a custom confirmation email, make sure to include the to generate this link. 
  3. Once the contact has confirmed their email address, you can send them to another Confirmation Thank You URL. This is a great way to share additional resources, further explain what’s to come, or direct them to a specific page on your website to thank them.
  4. Alert your team members of new sign ups to make sure that the right people on your team are aware of the new leads being generated.
  5. Activate a workflow to start the new leads on a specific series of activities or assign follow ups for your team. Here’s a blog about creating workflows
  6. To further segment and send personalized contact, you can start contacts on a journey series right from inside the Signup Form’s Options tab.  

The form’s Options area is where you’ll set up and define much of these additional customizations. Make sure to define how you want to nurture your new lead, add them to the right groups, and notify people on your team to continue this engagement. Learn more about creating customer journeys in your account and best practices for implementing these journeys. 

To dive deeper into building and implementing Signup Forms for lead generation, be sure to check out our recorded webinar. 


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