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Spring is here and the GreenRope updates are blooming! You asked, and we listened, take a look at a handful of the beautifully planted system updates our clients requested that are now live! 



Before, when reviewing tickets you could only view the custom fields, not edit them. This has been upgraded so that when you are adding a ticket update you can now edit those custom ticketing fields. This is great in the event the submitter entered incorrect information, or the natural progression of the ticket has changed and you’d like those fields, including the title, to match the ticket content. (Apps > Ticketing)


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When creating those, now editable, custom fields, you can specify default values for any Short Text or Open Text fields. This is an easy way to make a field template if you would like to request specific information from the submitter or if you would like to supply additional instructions for that specific field. (Apps > Ticketing > Custom Fields) 


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We’ve added a brand-new filter function to the calendar page that lets you easily search for specific events by hiding all events that do not match search text keyword(s). 


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When creating your booking calendar you’ll now see the option to set request times to 45 minute increments. This request time can be different for every booking calendar you create. (Settings > Calendar > Booking Calendar > Calendar Appearance) 




Email Tracking 

We’ve added the ability to toggle between showing and hiding the legend and log/linear scale. At GreenRope, being able to review your tracking statistics in multiple convenient and powerful ways is one of the many things that sets us apart from other CRM systems. (Communicate > Track Email)



We also added an easy-to-use search filter to the group dropdown feature, making it simple to find and view the tracking information for any specific group in your account. (Communicate > Track Email)





We know you love widgets as much as we do, which is why we added the new Top Referrers widget that highlights the top 5 website referrers. These referrers are based on the inbound links that bring people to the websites tracked by GreenRope website tracking.



Do you have suggestions for our developers? We want to hear from you! Send your comments to suggestions@greenrope.


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