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When You Need to Reach Customers, Use an Email Verification Platform

By Nick Harley for NeverBounce

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies for reaching customers and converting sales. Though it is one of the oldest tactics in the book, email marketing average ROI is still $38 earned for every $1 spent. Worldwide, there were over 269 billion emails sent and received in 2017. With so many potential customers and users heavily relying on email every day, and preferring to receive information about promotions, deals, events and news to their inbox, it’s no wonder why companies put such effort into building large email lists for marketing efforts.

However, problems can arise while gathering user information. It’s all too easy for someone to sign up for a newsletter with a fake email address, or to make mistakes when filling out their information. Additionally, many email addresses become invalid each year as people change addresses, abandon email accounts, move jobs, etc.

In order for customer relationships to be nurtured and for conversion to take place, your emails must reach your customers’ inboxes, but the attrition of email data can keep your messages from arriving at that important destination.

Preserve Your Sender Reputation With an Email Checker

Email lists must be cleaned and maintained to ensure that messages reach the inbox. Spam complaints, undelivered messages, and unsubscribes can all impact email deliverability, as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Email Service Providers (ESPs), anti-spam advocates, and email protection services set thresholds for bounced emails, spam complaints, and unsubscribe requests.

ESPs will penalize senders that repeatedly end up in spam folders or bounce. Though the spectrum of sanctions varies, it is plausible that your sender reputation could become so damaged that the ESP blocks you completely. This not only results in tangible losses to revenue for your business, but also frustrates your sales and marketing teams. Utilizing an email verification service helps to eliminate these unnecessary complications.

Verifying Email Addresses Lets You Reach Inboxes

Using an email checker to verify email addresses and remove bounced emails ensures you stay in the good graces of your sending platform. It is the ultimate tool for preserving your sender reputation by enhancing deliverability and reducing bounce rates.

Consider that if 10% of your emails are not verified, generally fewer than 44% are delivered. When you use email as your first line of communication with customers, it is crucial you are both reaching real people and their inboxes. Not only does this keep you in the good graces of your ESP, but also it makes your marketing strategy more effective and boosts your bottom line.

Ultimately, using an email verifier tool provides you with the best chance of reaching customers and boosting revenue with your marketing initiatives. The potential of an email marketing strategy is massive, but you need to actually reach inboxes in order to succeed. Email verification is important for enhancing deliverability, reducing bounce email rates, and preserving your sender reputation.

GreenRope and NeverBounce

Now GreenRope customers can aid email deliverability and boost conversions with the help of the industry’s leading email verification and list cleaning service, NeverBounce. Utilizing a 20+ step proprietary cleaning process that checks each email up to 75 times from around the globe, NeverBounce boasts the highest accuracy in the market at pricing and speed that simply can’t be beat. Whether cleaning bulk email lists or validating addresses one at a time, GreenRope customers are eligible to save 10 percent off when verifying with NeverBounce. Test one-off validations, receive a price quote, and easily create an account to begin cleaning email data at Use the coupon code “greenrope” at checkout for the discount. Happy cleaning!  

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