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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Virginia

When she isn’t knee-deep in the wonderful world of arts and crafts Virginia is working hard every single day to help our beloved clients. Her strong background in customer service and management has been a vital addition to our team. When she isn’t busy supporting clients and managing our client service team she can often be found doing something amazingly creative, dreaming of Oregon, or spending time with her feline flatmate.

Here are a few surprising things you didn't about Client Service Manager, Virginia Garcia:

  1. Virginia dabbles in many art mediums including drawing, painting, photography, sewing, stamp making, knitting, T-shirt making, and more! (she can make a basic, yet mean, scarf)
  2. She is the best at wrapping presents.
  3. She is roommates with the moodiest cat on earth (her partner can confirm).
  4. She would rather be anywhere in Oregon 99% of the time.
  5. She thinks denim on denim is the best look for everyone and dreams about its big comeback.
  6. Virginia is not a big sports person but enjoys going to baseball games to boo anyone who isn’t the Padres
  7. She is a vegetarian who has not eaten meat in over 10 years but is always tempted by hot wings.
  8. She can give a decent haircut, as long as it is a mullet.
  9. She loves plants but can never keep them alive.
  10. She loves nature and the outdoors (as long as it is below 70)


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