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How Businesses Can Celebrate the Holidays During a Pandemic


Businesses are searching for new ways to connect with their employees, vendors, and clients during the holidays with Covid-19 still looming. Even though you may not be able to meet in person, there are still ways to connect with your employees, customers, and partners. 

The holidays are just around the corner, and it's time to start making plans. Usually, you might throw a big Holiday Party for your employees, vendors, and/or clients. Maybe more than one party! However, this year, with the Delta variant going strong and COVID-19 protections still in place, getting festive in person will be a little tricky. How do you connect with your employees, customers, and business partners this year without sharing the holiday cheer in person? We've got a few ideas that are bound to delight and inspire a feeling of communal readiness to face the new year ahead.


Host a Virtual Holiday Webinar to Say "Thank You"If you have a special message to deliver, do it on video instead of in person! Host a webinar with your clients, one big webinar, or multiple webinars that are customized for specific groups, to say "Thank you". Let your clients know how much you appreciate them and their business during these trying times. This is your chance to give a positive yearly recap of what's been done in the previous year and an exciting preview of what's to come in the future. Every year, we host an exclusive webinar with our CEO and Founder, Lars Helgeson. Please join us on Thursday, January 6th, at 1PM Pacific time to sit down with Lars as he goes over the updates made in 2021 and what we can look forward to in 2022. 

Utilize GreenRope’s zoom integration and event management features during these fun-filled holiday events to continue the personalized communication your clients have learned to love. 


 Virtual Happy Hour with Vendors and Employees

The holidays are a time to share drinks with friends and loved ones. There's nothing quite like lifting a glass with your business partners to another year of greater success or getting tipsy with trusted coworkers after a year of harrowing teamwork. While you can't encourage your team to share a punch bowl this year, you can all still lift the glass together with a virtual happy hour. 

Let everyone know that the holiday party is online this year and fire up your video chat channel. Invite everyone to don a Santa hat and pour their favorite holiday drinks. Share drink recipes, try each other's drinks remotely, and have a blast with clients, employees, and business partners celebrating together.


Host a Virtual Cooking Class that a Remote Team can Do Together

One fun way to celebrate with your team is to share a virtual class while everyone is at home for the holidays. Get the whole remote and hybrid team online and set up in their kitchens. Send out the shopping list a week early and then have a blast trying to all make the same dish or dessert together. Laugh as you each fail and succeed, share your results, and give tips across the virtual distance.

Other fun classes you can do together to celebrate the holidays might be origami folding classes or ornament painting to make decorations for each persons' family traditions. Or you can all make gingerbread houses together and compare the (incredibly different) results at the end. Then eat your results for fun!


Send Beautiful Holiday Cards to Your Vendors

Holiday cards are a wonderful way to say you care without meeting in person. Let your best vendors, business partners, and clients know that you still care by hand-picking a gorgeous set of holiday cards and signing each one with a personal note about your business relationship. Not only is this a lovely way to send holiday greetings and positive wishes, but it's also a lasting physical sign that you pay attention to your clients and business partners and think of them during special times.


Send Your Clients Friendly Holiday Emails

A holiday email is often the perfect pick-me-up for clients and customers during this busy season. Send season’s greetings and a beautiful email layout that brings a smile to every client's face. Design your content with your brand's personality or speak through your brand's mascot to give that truly personal touch and represent the relationship each client has with the brand.


Holiday Promotions to Say Thank-You for This Year

Of course, the one thing every client looks forward to this time of year is holiday promotions. Custom-design a set of holiday season discounts to surprise and delight your clients. Think of clever ways to add value or offer deals on products that are specifically useful this time of year. Often, the best holiday deals aren't on gifts, but the support supplies and services we all need to get through a hectic holiday season. Your clients will love not only a good deal but that you put the time and thought into a deal that is truly valuable to them as they face this year's unique holiday challenges. 

This holiday season GreenRope is offering $250 off activation for all new clients. Click here to learn more.


Send Special Gifts by Mail to Vendors, Clients, and Staff

Last but not least, send a few gifts. If you ship retail, throw a special holiday surprise into every box to delight your clients. For vendors and business partners, send a special gift that shows your appreciation and represents your business relationship. As for staff, surprise them with a cool gift in the mail or a universal gift card to show that you know this year has been tough and you want everyone to have a wonderful holiday season. 

Save time this holiday season by implementing workflows into your celebration outreach to make you more efficient while providing your loyal customers and staff a consistent experience during the hectic holidays. 


One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best new year. From everyone at GreenRope, we wish you a world of good wishes. 


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