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Telephony and SMS Marketing with GreenRope

By Shay Lucena

Although emails and social media may be great ways to market to the masses, telephone calls still remain very personal, interactive, and effective for growing business relationships. With GreenRope’s Call Management feature, you no longer need to recall conversations by memory. Instead, you can have call transcripts attached to each contact’s CRM profile, directly click-to-call your contacts, and have calls forwarded to any one of your team members. You can also easily set up SMS/MMS campaigns with your contacts.

Other than calling your contacts with a simple click, here are some of the other benefits of using GreenRope’s Call Management feature:

·      Multiple shared access users can use this feature

·      Manage all inbound and outbound calls

·      Review and playback call transcripts

·      Calls are automatically integrated within a customer’s CRM – this way you can modify your clients, as well as your team’s activity and their conversations


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To set up SMS/MMS/Voice, you will first need to purchase a phone number in Communicate > SMS/MMS/Voice. Hover over the dark grey actions bar and click the “Request New Number” button to get this started. You can customize your phone number based on country, area code (US only), and strings of numbers. All numbers are billed directly to your account and are based on usage.

When you’ve purchased your phone number, you are now ready to set up inbound call management.

You can easily set up a phone tree to get all internal calls directed to the desired recipient. Click on the phone number listed on the SMS/MMS/Voice page. From here, you can create a custom name for the number, set up an automated introduction message, and direct calls to your staff based on the options dialed. If the phone number is recognized in the CRM, you can select customized greetings based on the caller’s name, company, and more.

To set up a new SMS/MMS campaign, hover over the “Actions” button to select the “New SMS Campaign” button. Next in the “New SMS Campaign” window, choose your recipients, keywords for responses (which act as conversion triggers), and input your message. Click “Send” to instantly send your message to your contacts. You can also review who has responded to your campaign and add text messages to be scheduled in workflows.

You can automatically track all outbound and inbound calls by going to any contact’s CRM profile. Our click-to-dial feature lets you instantly connect with your recipient through your personal phone to guarantee tracked calls in each contact’s CRM. You can also place outbound SMS/MMS messages.

GreenRope’s SMS/MMS/Voice features enables you to manage your team’s conversations with clients to monitor and improve communication. Along with utilizing SMS/MMS campaigns, your business can thrive in all forms of communication.


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