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November 2021 System Updates


We have so much to be thankful for this year. We added many new exciting clients to our GreenRope family, helped our client’s businesses grow, and celebrated our 11th anniversary. None of this would have been possible without the trust and loyalty of our clients. We are extremely honored and grateful to work with these amazing companies who inspire us every day. 

To show our appreciation we are happy to announce our November system updates:


Contacts > Tools > Edit Tags/Positions - You can now assign workflows to be automatically activated whenever a tag is assigned to a contact.

Contacts > View > Opportunities > List - Export CSV now breaks the download files into chunks of 10k at a time to handle very large accounts 

Contacts > Companies > Click on the company name to access the Company Details > Contacts > Get Lead Scores - below all the contacts, there is a sum total of the demographic and activity lead scores.

Contact details > CRM Panel - showing PENDING event registrations (4 Nov 2021)


Companies - We know support Address2 field in the company profile.


Settings > Calendar > Booking calendar - added a new setting for Advanced Notice, which will prevent booking appointment requests from within a window of time before the booking time slot 

Calendar Settings > Booking Calendar - booking calendars can now be imported into other calendars through the "Combine Calendars" function


Journeys - when editing a Workflow box, there's a new Edit Workflow button that allows for editing directly from there, also added activity types in the hover description of the activities icon 

Journeys - new Delay type to delay until contact local business day 

Email EasyBuilder

Communicate > EasyBuilder - email EasyBuilder now has a Broadcast button to allow for sending a broadcast directly from that screen, also the Open/Templates screen shows broadcasts sent from the EasyBuilder.

We added support for Preheader in Email EasyBuilder .

Settings > Account > Integrations - new integration with Shopify through Zapier to automate abandoned carts and paid orders 

Settings > Account - account owners and shared access users can set the default filters to be shown in the CRM panel when viewing a contact's details 


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