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GreenRope’s latest and greatest: new upgrades, features, news, and more!


Before we get carried away with everything we have planning for the new year, we wanted to take this time to explain all of our newest upgrades and features! We made some big changes to the UI this month, which deserve a dedicated blog post!

New Charts and Reports

The most noticeable new feature you’ll see throughout the system is the new charts! We updated all of our graphs, charts, and reports, which improve the user experience.

New Charts


New Testing Abilities

You are now able to test content on different landing and webpages. This is a great way to measure what type of content your visitors prefer. Simply duplicate a landing page, change the design, headline, or body text, and your visitors will randomly be sent to each one.

A/B webpage testing is extremely important to gauge what content resonates better with your potential clients and existing customers. Go to the website and click on the A/B testing tab, and set it up!

A-B testing



CRM activities to-do list on dashboard

All of your CRM activities are now listed on the dashboard. This new widget allows you to work through each activity straight from your to-do list. Just click on the interactive graph to see a list of activities so you can work through them one-by-one.

CRM to-do 1


Recurring CRM activities

Sometimes manually scheduling follow-ups can be a time sucker. Now a recurring button specifies the follow up so you don’t ever miss a beat!

recurring CRM activities


Filter for hot contacts

Now a new filter under contacts allows you to remove people who have previously converted. You will now only see your leads that are still in your existing pipeline. 

Hot contacts filter - 1


New responsive website templates

Because all your webpages should be mobile friendly, we are working to update new responsive templates. When you choose a responsive website template, you will only have to create the content and design for one page and it will automatically adjust to your mobile device! 


VoiceBase call transcription

VoiceBase call transcription provides our customers with a richer, more complete view of customers and their interactions with your brand. VoiceBase connects valuable spoken information to CRM records, adds more in depth information to predictive analytics, helps brands understand and serve their customers, and increases efficiency.

Read more about Voicebase in GreenRope

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