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6 Popular and Effective Video Types to Boost your Marketing Campaign


By now, few would argue that video is one of the most powerful tools available for digital marketing. What with all the tech gadgets in our lives providing constant digital stimulation and making video content ubiquitous!

But does a typical commercial ad that pops out before a YouTube video achieve the same goals as an educational whiteboard animation? Absolutely not.

If you want to make the most out of video content as a marketing tool, you have to distinguish the different types of videos at your disposal and why each of them works.

Otherwise, you might end up using the wrong tool for the job and only get frustrated in return.

To help you out, we’ll go over some of the most popular and effective video types nowadays, providing some insights on their key features and the reasons why you’ll want them in your marketing strategy.

Product Videos

Generally used in e-commerce strategies, product videos are perfect to list the qualities of individual products or services quickly and concisely. They are great at showcasing its uses while eliminating ambiguity on their value, which helps viewers understand how they could benefit from it.

The inability to physically examine a product while shopping online can create uncertainty and second-guessing among customers, which is why product videos are so important. They bring a more tangible feel to the online shopping experience and minimize shoppers’ doubts by showcasing the product features from multiple angles and perspectives.

If a potential buyer is unsure whether the product would match their expectations or not, chances are that they are more likely to spend their money on it after seeing a product video that eases those concerns.

One of the best ways to make effective product videos is to show your product or service in use. Put them in a real-life scenario and let context speak loud about their benefits and uses!

Sunscreen Video

Educational Videos

Do you want to become a reference in the industry? Strengthen your brand reputation and awareness? Well, if that's the case, let me tell you this is the type of video you were looking for.

More often than not, educational videos' primary goal is to be helpful to your potential customers - which is why you best leave aside (just for a while) the salesy tone.  At the beginning of the buyer's journey (where these videos are usually aimed at), your potential customers might not be ready to make a purchase yet. But when they do, they'll remember your solid guidance and probably trust your product or service more than any other one if you have been there along the way, providing relevant educational videos for them.

Now, when we say “leave aside the salesy tone”, it doesn't mean your educational content shouldn’t be branded. But when it comes to these videos, the key is to add subtle branding and marketing cues without being invasive. You want viewers to remember your brand positively. 

To create an effective educational video, make "quality over quantity" a priority. Don't flood your audience with information they may not be interested in, and develop educational videos just for topics that relate to your business or customers’ pain points.

Oh, and remember to be fun! “educational” doesn't mean your video has to feel like an elementary school documentary. Get creative to increase engagement from your audience.


Example Marketing Video

Explainer Videos

A specific type of educational content that uses the power of storytelling, this type of video helps you present your brand, product, or service in a way that sticks with the viewers long after watching. Their simplicity and entertaining style are the reason why Explainers excel at grabbing and keeping the audience's attention.

If an explainer is what your brand needs, you should pay special attention to the script. The effectiveness of your video will hinge on it because you are pretty much telling a story here.

Introduce your viewer’s problem and how your product or service can solve it. And don't forget to add a call to action at the end to motivate viewers to do what you expect when the video ends. 

Keep in mind the importance of customization if you want people to feel identified with the issue you are addressing. Animated explainer videos are highly effective in this regard. The addition of a dose of humor and personality, paired with the flexibility of animation, can help you to connect with your audience and deliver your message seamlessly. Why not introduce your ideal customers as animated characters to make them feel identified? Get creative! 

Youtube Video

Company Culture Videos

So, we've seen video types that put customers, solutions, education, or products and services at the forefront. But what about you and the people behind the brand? Company story videos put you and your crew in the spotlight to endear your brand to your customers and make clear what your company is all about.

They are perfect for adding a human touch to your marketing push, generating a stronger connection with your target audience, and usually performing really well as part of social selling strategies.

Remember to own who you are and stand for, and don’t try forcing anything in this kind of video. Embrace honesty and make your customers fall in love with your story! Remember that the ultimate goal of this type of video is to generate an emotion in your audience that reflects your values, and being genuine is key to achieving that goal.

Youtube Animation

Customers Testimonials 

There's nothing more convincing about the value of your brand than a satisfied customer, so it only makes sense that testimonials be one of the most effective types of videos in terms of increasing brand trust and getting your leads closer to a purchase decision.

Testimonial videos showcase people sharing their experiences about your product or service and how it helped them with a particular issue, helping your brand establish credibility and reliability. 

You can use them to build an emotional connection with the viewers and make your target audience feel more comfortable with the solutions you offer. Highlight your happy customer pain points and how your product or service helped them address it.

Even Though the transparent nature of the testimony is what makes it so trustworthy, you need to have an idea of what you are going to talk about. We recommend you come up with a list of questions prior to recording to help your customer explore and expand on the topics you’d like to cover. 

Example Youtube Video Marketing


Webinars are events, workshops, seminars, or classroom lectures hosted online, often live, using webinar software. This is the type of video you’ll need to go deeper on a subject to provide valuable, in-depth information to potential or existing customers.

Unlike most videos in digital marketing, here you have plenty of time to explain and go into details!

They’re a two-way form of communication where the attendees and presenters give, receive, and share information in real-time. This means that you have to leave the door open for interaction: the audience will be pitching in, asking questions, and commenting.

Webinars can be a great incentive to generate leads and subscriptions. You can even complete the whole experience by sending the assistants all the materials you've used and leaving your contact information so they can reach you.

And don't forget that planning and promotion are crucial in this type of video! What's the point of a live video if no one attends?

Marketing Video


Video content plays a decisive role during your client’s decision-making process, but as we’ve seen, not all of them are suited for the same purposes. 

Some videos are meant to boost brand awareness and attract new leads, others increase customer trust, and yet others might be better at turning viewers into customers.

Recognizing the different types of videos, their features, and their different uses is key to helping your brand identify which of them fit your digital strategy the best to achieve outstanding results.

Video marketing levels of success rely on matching the right video type to the right moment of the buyer's journey or the satisfaction of a specific need. 

In the end, it all comes to choosing the right tool for the job!


Bio Victor Blasco:


Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video production company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.




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