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6 Months in Review

We’ve had a lot of amazing updates so far in 2022! Here are a few of our favorite updates along with some notable shoutouts from amazing clients, given to our support team during a few of their 893 chats! 



Website Manager Update

A new option to set the Top Section of your landing page as “sticky” is now available.  Selecting this option will anchor the top section of the landing page to the top of the page while visitors to the page scroll. Set the sticky option by going to Website > Landing Page EasyBuilder > Top Section.



SMS/MMS/Voice Updates

Call Summary Transcriptions - If you choose to record calls, you can now add transcription summaries to your CRM to review lengthy conversations in seconds.


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Ticket Updates

Before, when reviewing tickets you could only view the custom fields, not edit them. This has been upgraded so that when you are adding a ticket update you can now edit those custom ticketing fields. This is great in the event the submitter entered incorrect information, or the natural progression of the ticket has changed and you’d like those fields, including the title, to match the ticket content. (Apps > Ticketing)


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When creating those, now editable, custom fields, you can specify default values for any Short Text or Open Text fields. This is an easy way to make a field template if you would like to request specific information from the submitter or if you would like to supply additional instructions for that specific field. (Apps > Ticketing > Custom Fields) 


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Opportunity Updates

Contacts > Reports > Opportunities - new report for Win/Loss Outcomes, showing the value and number of opportunities won/lost for reasons defined in Settings > Opportunities



Settings Update

Settings > Opportunities - new tab for Outcomes, which allow you to specify the reasons why an opportunity was won/lost, after which they're defined, you will see checkboxes when editing/viewing opportunities (5 Mar 2022)


Contact Update

The map markers are now clickable, bringing up contact/company details. Contacts > Tools > Map  



Survey Update

We added a new button to export ALL survey responses for any particular contact (user must be a Power User or have Export permission granted). Contact details dialog > Surveys



Settings Update

On the Settings > Opportunities > Products page you will see a new icon that opens a chart to show the win/loss outcomes by individual product.



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