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10 Easy Email Automations You Need to Implement Today!

Email automation is a simple and easy way to stay in touch with your audience. Successful businesses leverage email automation to amplify their reach and to share critical information with ease. It’s a great way to keep  your audience up to date with the latest news, promotions, events, and information about your business.

Most companies identify personalization as the biggest email marketing obstacle. Finding a way to genuinely personalize messages is crucial to building a relationship with your customer.

Below is a detailed list of 10 email automation strategies you can utilize to personalize and improve the customer experience. 

Confirmation Email Upon Sign Up

This is the first step in confirming your new subscriber. Ask your new subscriber to confirm their email address before sending additional messages. This filters out spam and bot accounts, so they don’t waste space on your email lists. It also confirms that each new subscriber is actually interested in receiving your content. 

To maintain the integrity of your email lists, we recommend using confirmed (double) opt-in and Captcha to avoid bogus submissions. In the Options tab of the GreenRope Form Builder, you can select your preferred level of security and attach confirmation emails. You can have up to two confirmation emails for each form. If a contact is already in your database, they can bypass the confirmation emails.

Automated Sign Up Form Response

First impressions are everything! The automated response that goes out after a new user signs up and confirms their intent to receive your emails should be relevant to what they signed up for. Begin the email with a thank you, and let the consumer know you appreciate their choice to opt in. 

In GreenRope, we have a designated tab in our Form Builder that allows you to attach auto-responders to specific forms. Select your message, choose your delay, and you’re ready to go! Pro tip: Auto-responders are always attached to forms. Every person who signs up on that form will receive your auto-responders. 

Welcome Emails

After your new contact confirms their intent to receive your messages and provides any further information, it’s time to give them a formal introduction to your brand. You should include a brief bio about your company, the types of messages you send, and a call-to-action encouraging them to visit your website or contact you for additional information. 

Don't forget to brand the automated response with your company logo and any other eye-catching graphics! 

You can set up your welcome emails as a drip campaign, auto-responder, or as part of a customer journey. All of these options are great ways to send content immediately to your subscriber upon signing up.  

Drip campaigns are group specific. To activate a drip campaign, you need to make sure your form automatically adds the new contact into the group which contains the drip campaign you want to activate. 

Auto-responders, as stated above, are form specific. Any user that submits your form receives the auto-responder automatically. 

If you want to trigger a journey, you can do so by either triggering the journey directly from the signup form, or via a workflow, triggered by the form submission.  

Thank You for Attending

If a contact attends an event, let them know you're grateful for their support by sending a "thank you," afterwards. 

GreenRope’s event management feature allows you to customize and automate any post-event follow ups. 

 Customer Service Follow-Ups: "How Was Your Experience?"

After someone contacts your customer service department, you should send them a follow up  survey asking about their experience. Surveys help you collect actionable feedback about your customer service, to better understand and streamline your process.

You want the time it takes to complete a survey to be less than 5 minutes, so it’s not an inconvenience to your customer. Be sure to ask questions about overall experience, satisfaction, and suggestions for improvement.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to see if this customer needs any further assistance. Using marketing automation, this can be done by triggering a workflow to automatically create a follow up activity and assign this to a staff member.

If you are using GreenRope’s Ticketing feature for customer service management, you can customize your automatic follow ups by either activating a workflow, triggering a journey, or sending an auto-responder. Using Surveys to Collect Customer Feedback

Monthly Email Updates and Check-Ins

Use monthly newsletters to regularly engage your audience and keep them up-to-date on business news, promotions, new blog posts, and more.

Any marketing communication should include an option for your subscribers to update their profile or unsubscribe.  Having an “Update Profile” link is a great way to collect the most reliable and up to date information. 

To effectively personalize your newsletters, you can use merge fields and dynamic data to insert specific content into your communication. For example, if you would like to customize the content that certain segments of your lists receive, you can use dynamic rules to automatically input personalized content. 

If a client has sales in their title, you can update the content with information relevant to sales. If your client has a marketing title, you can input marketing  related material. Using dynamic rules makes it easy to send custom content to every segment in your database. 

To use dynamic rules, head on over the Communicate > Emailer. In your email tool box, you will see the ‘Merge’ button. Click on that, and hit the “Dynamic Rule” tab to set up your rules and respective content.  

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails: "Forgetting Something?"

Online shopping is a staple for 21st century consumers. It’s common for customers to start filling a cart as they casually surf the web, and then forget to complete their purchases.

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge threat to all online sales. That being said, there's an easy way to recapture customers’ attention and increase the likelihood that they'll follow through with the purchase.  Send customers an email reminding them that they have goodies that were left behind! 

To set this up in GreenRope, you will first have to make sure our tracking code is installed on all of your pages, as well as a conversion stage funnel. Then, you can trigger a workflow when a contact has been stuck at a certain stage for any amount of time. 

Unsubscribe Emails: "We're Sorry to See You Go!"

If a contact chooses to unsubscribe, you should still send one last email confirming their unsubscription. This is also a good place to attach an exit survey. You can use this to ask them why they decided to leave, and use any actionable feedback to improve your marketing process. Maybe they were receiving too many emails, or they just needed a break. It could be the case that they don't remember subscribing in the first place. 

Remember, always include an unsubscribe link in all of your email communication. By law, you must make it easy for your recipient to opt-out if they no longer wish to receive your emails. 

Recurring Purchase Confirmations

It's a good idea to send a confirmation or a heads-up before billing a recently subscribed customer. Confirmations build good rapport and improve your brand reputation. It also keeps your subscribers from wondering why they’re being charged for a service they may not remember signing up for. You wouldn’t want a simple miscommunication to give the impression of shady business tactics.

Use drip campaigns and journeys along with workflows to automatically send customer emails when they are going to be billed. You can quickly set up simple workflows by going to Automation, Workflow Manager, hovering over Actions and selecting New Workflow. 

Email RSS Feeds From Your Blog

Sending the RSS feed of your latest blog posts ensures it will be delivered straight to a subscriber's inbox. Utilizing an RSS feed automates a stream of your recent blog posts so you don't have to manually copy and paste the thumbnails, links, and post snippets over to the email. 

In GreenRope, we have what is called the Automatic Blog Digest. You can use our standard template, or create your own. Then, select when you would like it to be delivered each month. 



Email automation doesn't need to be complicated or intimidating. It's a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level and has the potential to expand your reach. Drafting compelling emails that are can even be fun. 

If you’re feeling inspired to take your email notification system to the next level, be sure to check out our post on email marketing mistakes you should avoid


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