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 A Visit From GreenRope

A Visit From GreenRope


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the office, 

no team member was working, not even Mike Klompus;

I alone remained to trouble and toil,

working feverishly, burning the midnight oil;

Because a CEO’s job is never complete,

I work all night long, pouring over outdated spreadsheets,

while all my employees are home, tucked in their beds,

as dreams of better software dance through their heads;

Oh how they yearn for something more grand,

than the crummy, old apps they can no longer stand. 


In my labors, it seems that I had fallen asleep,

til I was awoken by the sound of four rubber tires, as they let out a screech;

Out of my window I spied a green camper van,

and out of it emerged a tall, ginger man,

but he wasn’t alone, for ever so near, 

stood a team of trusty software engineers;

From their mobile work station they eagerly coded,

creating better MarTech, so sales no longer suffered from software that’s outmoded.


As they pushed forward, the tall man shouted out with glee,

words of encouragement to my greatest envy;

"On Brandon, on Anderson, on Ryan, Todd, and Lyle”

As he yelled this, the tall man broke out in a smile,

that shone across his face, stretching ear to ear,

as he thought of all the joy they’d bring to businesses this year. 

Then, in the blink of an eye, the van disappeared, 

and the last thing I remembered was the logo found on its rear,

so beautifully crafted from sinewy green twine, 

that image remains forever burned in my mind.


Back in my office I found on my screen, 

that same green logo, confirming that what I saw wasn’t a dream;

I spent the next thirty minutes browsing that site,

and found an effective business solution, to my greatest delight;

With pricing, pipelines, and product features which couldn’t be beat,

a sudden ecstasy made me jump to my feet;

So I scheduled a demo with a woman named Diana,

who recently returned from a trip to España,

and in that demo she showed me several wonderful things,

about journeys and workflows, and the leads that they bring. 

Amazed by a business solution so hot, 

I signed a contract right there on the spot.


My message to you is to never give up hope,

and cynically believe that the “perfect CRM” is some sort of joke;

I want you to believe in Christmas and software, and fantastical things, 

and one day you’ll see that optimized lead flow is more than a dream!



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