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CES Coverage: The Macho Side of CES

By Alessandra Ceresa

On Monday we posted all about the 'girly' side of CES, and today we are going to share with your some of the more manly tech we encountered. CES is the assemblage of the tech world in one city, in one place, at one time. Walking through the aisles of booths can be overwhelming, but there are so many innovative gadgets that absolutely blow your mind. Here is a short list of some of the coolest stuff we saw at CES this year. 


Liquipel is a company that makes waterproof cases and protectors for all of your gadgets. They literally had a waterfall flowing onto a line of Jamboxes and iPhones. Pretty cool. 



Curved TVs are the way of the future. Samsung's booth was one of the most attractive booths at CES. It was beyond a booth, it was a Samsung town. 


Samsung 2

Walking into a show of dancing Parrot Drones was probably one of the coolest things at CES this year. The way that they are able to coordinate these mini flying machines is absolutely incredible. Take a look at this clip of the dancing drones. 

Dancing drones


Toyota has some super cool concept mobiles. Take a look at this nifty FV2. You can drive it sitting down or standing up, and guess what else? It will detect your mood. Yep, that's right. Click on video below to see it in action. 

Toyota Fv2


Sony's booth slash the World of Sony was unreal. You walk into a circular room that is hugged by screens upon screens. The coolest thing that we saw in the Sony booth? A camera that completely stabilizes the videos you take. You can be running, jumping, dancing and the video you take will look like you were standing still the entire time. Very impressive. 


If you want to see more from CES, please visit our CES 2014 Facebook album! 


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