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Increase CRM Usage With These Helpful Tools


By AlessandraCeresa

When implemented properly, CRM is very powerful. It can help you develop better relationships, create more targeted and personalized experiences, and, of course, help you close more deals. However, sometimes CRM usage dwindles if there are not quick and easy ways to use the platform on a daily basis. Here are some of the tools you can start using to get people back on the wagon, once again.


1. “To-Do” CRM Activities

You will notice a widget on the GreenRope dashboard called “CRM Activities To Do”. This widget lets you know exactly which activities are due or overdue, making it easy to work through your tasks. Simply click on each graph to view your list of activities. Click the ‘CRM’ button to the left of the contact to pull up their record and add in any notes or make any changes.


2. CRM Activities Completed

This widget on the GreenRope dashboard shows how many and which CRM activities have been completed over a selected period. Shared access users are able to see what everyone on their team is doing, increasing transparency, and resulting in more CRM action!


3. Predictive Analytics

Having predictive analytics built into your CRM is pretty much like having a crystal ball. It shows you what leads are most likely to close and why. Since the platform takes out all the guessing, you can focus on your low-hanging fruit and start closing more deals with more qualified leads.


4. Simple Search

Your GreenRope dashboard comes equipped with Simple Search. This means that you can search for certain criteria (company, name, email) and any contact associated with those search terms will load into the pop up box. Once you find the contact you are looking for, you can easily access their contact record from the same screen. This not only allows you to skip multiple steps, but also allows you to quickly and easily search for any of your contacts.


5. Recurring CRM Activities

CRM is great, but we know it takes time to go in and schedule your follow ups and any other upcoming activities. With recurring CRM activities, we made it easy for you to schedule weekly and monthly recurring activities, so that they are automatically created for you. This feature ensures you never miss a follow up!


You see, there are many easy tools that come with your CRM that actually make your life A LOT EASIER. Start to implement these tools today, and see how much more productive and efficient you become!


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